Friday, September 21, 2007


Naomi and her seven children joined us at Curious Kids Museum in St. Joseph, Michigan. That made 11 of us all together. Naomi had 11 free coupons (earned by her children reading books). She also had 9 book-it awards, so we had free pizza as well.

Here is Elyse driving an ambulance (by her face, I would be afraid to get into the back of the ambulance).

Lillian tried her hand (or should I say foot) at the piano.

Elyse tried to make electricity by riding the bike.

Zachary tried to make electricity too - he made a little more than Elyse.

Charles made it to the top of the chart - he made the most electricity.

Ethan loved picking up items with the backhoe.

This is where we left the two older boys for several hours. Instead of doing what they were supposed to do (picking up boulders and dropping them off in the hopper), they attacked each other (boys will be boys).

Naomi and Elizabeth were the "face-painters." Most of the children went to Pizza Hut with several things all over their faces and hands. The lady at Pizza Hut said, "Oh, I see you went to the Children's Museum." We wondered how she knew. Then we remembered the faces of all our children.

Johnathan loved working with the tools.

Elizabeth, Elyse and Rowan had a Japanese tea party. Rowan didn't even get a cup.

Lillian joined in on the tea party - still Rowan doesn't have a cup.

They must have greased this slide, because it sent the children off the end about two feet. They really enjoyed the speed.

Hey, Emily, did we do a good job on the hair style? We tried!

If we couldn't find the older girls - their faces were stuck in books. At least they were quiet.

I think this is Ethan being a cow. The costumes were great and great fun.

Elyse looks scary here with no color on her eyes, but she had a good time sliding down the slide. We were in the toddler section (since there weren't any babies, we took advantage of the room).

This on is for Dad! It was on top of a restaurant. Boy, someone was a terrible driver!

After the museum and Pizza Hut, we drove another 20 minutes north to South Haven just for ice cream that you eat on the roof of the building. What a fun day!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


What an amazing weekend! We drove to Chicago to see Erin play two games on Friday and three games on Saturday. Everyone was there: Luke, Lacey, Grace, Caleb, Dan, Emily, Erin, Betsey, Tim, Zachary, Elyse and me! We were are own cheering section.

Here is Erin keeping focused, waiting her turn to sub in.

Emily & Grace are gorgeous! While Emily was holding Caleb, the other team said, "Is she the Mom?" Funny!

Even Dan-O was there - all smiles!

Give Caleb an empty bottle that he can take the lid off and on, he is content for two days!

Caleb sure loved his "Papa." He kept coming over and sitting in Tim's lap (no one else deserved the honor).

Erin in action! She made several points and did an awesome job!

Again, Caleb loving his "Papa."

Erin ready and waiting!

Strong Dan-O can pick up his girls!

Two more cuties for you to admire! Grace loves her Uncle Zach!

Entertained for days - the simple things in life.

Such an escape artist - but still cute as ever.

Two more gorgeous girls. Don't they look like twins - maybe there is hope yet.

Poor Lacey! Nine months pregnant, tired, and holding a sleeping Grace.

It was an awesome weekend. We are all exhausted. But, Erin's teams was undefeated the whole weekend (playing five games). I am sure all slept well last night (and again this afternoon).

Erin - you ARE amazing! Thanks for a fun weekend!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


We met at Tunnel Park in Holland, Michigan. Luke, Lacey, Grace, Caleb, Emily, Dan, M-Young, David, Zachary, Elyse, Tim & I were all there. We missed you - Erin & Betsey (and significant others).

At the park, there was a playground for the children. Emily was such a good egg taking the children back and forth to the playground. Here they are on the tire swing (Emily, of course, was doing all the work).

Here is Grace, Caleb & Elyse in a tower of a thing. Caleb wasn't sure he should be in there, but we put him in there anyway.

Above the playground, was an ultra light. Caleb thought it was great, once he found it.

Grace loved the horse on a spring. She was strong enough to make it go.

Unlike Caleb, who had to have help. Caleb didn't think the sand in his shoes was a good idea. Emily stuck his hand in the sand, and his fears were over. He loves the playground.

The weather was perfect. Sunny, warm, yet breezy. The lunch was superb. We got home around 8:00. It should have been right to bed, but the kids needed to wash the sand off their bodies and their bathing suits. So, bedtime was delayed quite a bit.

Today, we are back to school and the regular routine of things. It sure seemed like Monday morning today because of taking yesterday off.

Have a super day, readers.