Monday, September 23, 2013


Yep, we moved...again! 

Stuff we will use on a daily basis..

Stuff for storage...

A precious jewel we get to see daily...

Elyse's room - not quite unpacked... 

Zachary's room - all ready for a LOT of music...

AMISH BED - yes!


Things we are doing these days:  Unpacking, job hunting, school hunting for Z, driving Emily for appts., snuggling the cutest boy ever!

Friday, September 13, 2013


This is homeschooling in its finest.  While filling boxes, we found all sorts of things we didn't know we had.  One of them was fizzy tablets.  We decided to put all 10 in one glass of water.  Elyse took several pictures AND videos, for your viewing pleasure.

After the "blue" fizzies dissolved, we found three other kinds.  We dissolved them in the kitchen.

First dissolve:

Elyse is brave:

I had to give it a whirl too:

The third experiment:

The moral of the story is:  when you get freebies and you don't know what they are - throw them out!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Zachary has his first Cross Country meet tonight.  Dad, Elyse & I went to watch him.  Of course, we could only see the beginning and the end of the race.  It was two loops with a different ending to win. 

Can you find him?

He is in the blue uniforms w/white trim by the shoulder.  He is in the front.  He has bright green trim on his shoes.

Zachary's time for this two-mile race was 12:18:59 (clocked on my phone).  He was the first guy in from the Hope team.  Zachary has another meet on Saturday.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Betsey invited us to her apartment so that Elyse could make another yarn bowl.  Plus we could get in a little kayaking, just for fun.  I have never been in a kayak, so this was a new experience for me.  I would do it again - it was great fun!

Our host!

Getting ready for a short spin...

Elyse's turn...

I did it!

Elyse on shore because the boat only holds two people...

Paddled this far, and just enjoyed the waves...

Coming back...

These guys stayed out for over an hour - such a great time...

Elyse had to play in the sand after their tour around the lake...


The pottery place - this is the top to Betsey's butter dish.  Elyse says it looks like the miracle pill made by Miracle Max.

Doesn't it?

Elyse working hard on her "J" yarn bowl...

The finished top...

After the pottery was all painted, we headed to the Amish Cinnamon Bun place.  Too bad they were sold out.  We had to suffer with a half gallon of chocolate milk - yum, yum!  Thanks Betsey for a great time.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


We are unpacked, but still decorating and setting things up the way we want them.

What happens to freshly washed hair that one doesn't sleep on?


Pretty girl!

 Chatham spent the weekend with us.  This is the project that they worked on.  We won't mention the gaping hole in the wall...

A toast for a project well done!

We have yet to unpack the pictures that go on the walls, or stand up on a table.  We also have our bedroom carpet to clean (but I just got my carpet cleaner back from friends).

While Chatham was here, the guys did homework (nerds), made the guitar holder, played basketball in the gym, took a walk around the city, hooked up amps to listen to LOTR while playing "Lord of the Rings Risk."  

The amp cord hooked up to the desktop running to the toy room.


First partner...

Second partner in crime.

On Monday, Labor Day, we invited Chatham, three Postmas and four Newells.  JP was sick, so only two Postmas came.  We were going to grill burgers and hotdogs on the school grill, but it went missing.  It went to the football game on Friday, but never returned.  So, we fried them instead.  Elyse helped with setting up the island with our food, dishes and utensils. 

Cute, huh?

Our plates...guess who forgot to buy paper plates?
Elyse was knitting a rug to go in her room.  She finished it yesterday.

The finished project - but it needs to be blocked.
Some of our guests:  Alex sitting at the table, Mr. Postma walking toward the kitchen, Sarah sitting at the table, Mrs. Newell on the couch talking to someone I can't see.

Everyone took a tour of the apartment and the school.  Some took a walk in the neighborhood.  We had lots of food, fun games, basketball and frisbee in the gym, and fellowship.  We had a GREAT Labor Day celebration.  I hope you did too!