Sunday, August 26, 2007


Friday night it rained and rained. We wondered if it would ruin the 28th Street Metro Cruise on Saturday. Their website said it was still on. So, we waited until 8:30 a.m. on Saturday to make a decision if we would go or not and if we would take the Torino. The rain paused and Tim decided to go. They loaded up the car with a cooler of food, plenty of tools and filled the spare tire with air. The car drove beautifully to the cruise. Tim and Zachary were thrilled with the ride. Elyse & I decided not to go because we don't do heat, no air conditioning in the car and the inside of the car is black. I think not. Lots of pictures were taken - and here is my favorite truck. Of course, I wouldn't paint it red.

Another picture of a favorite truck, of course white wouldn't be my choice either. Don't know who the clown on the right of the truck is. "Folks are folks."

Here is one beauty that I wouldn't change anything on. She doesn't look like she is having much fun, but she is a real cutie.

After the cruise, Tim & Zachary headed home. This is a picture of how the Torino made the going home trip. The power steering pump went out and the poor car is sitting in Wally's Garage in South Haven, Michigan. We will call and talk about repairs on Monday.

Today, we take Betsey's car back to her. We will meet in Plymouth. I guess we are known as the "Car Repair" family this summer. First, Betsey's car, then the Malibu, now the Torino. What next?

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Dad and Zachary's "Guys Day Out" was the Busch Race in Brooklyn, Michigan. Here is Zachary (proof that he was there). Up until Saturday morning (at 6:00 a.m.), the race was a secret to Zachary. Dad woke him up and said "Let's go." But, Zachary had already guessed where they were going. He thought (just like Christmas) that if he guessed where they were going, he wouldn't be able to go. But, $59 tickets make you go whether or not your son guesses.

Proof that Dad went as well. Even though the weather was cold, Zachary came home pretty sunburned.

Number "01" is one of Dad's favorite drivers, Mark Martin.

Another shot of the cars.

The "Girls Day Out" consisted of picking up Jenna Widholm and taking the girls to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. The girls had such a great time. Jenna was so impressed on winning tickets, it was fun to watch. One of the machines takes your picture. Jenna & Elyse got in at the same time and the picture turned out great. Too bad my scanner doesn't work, or you would be able to see it. I guess you will just have to visit and look at Elyse's bedroom door.

After dropping Jenna at home, we headed to the libary and got three videos to watch. Elyse got two, and I got one. We watched the videos and then decided we needed to eat.

Since Elyse picked the lunch place, Mom got to pick the dinner place. We called Miss Sunderman and asked her if she wanted a HOT DATE with us. She agreed. We headed to El Pueblo's on Rt. 6. It is an AMAZING restaurant. We ended our dinner splitting an order of Fried Ice Cream. It was yummy.

It rained some in Portage yesterday and we were afraid that the rain would ruin the race in Michigan. But, it didn't.

So that is our day in a nutshell.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


FEBC had their annual church picnic on Sunday. At 9:15 a.m., we meet under a tent to have a replica of "the old tent meeting." Then we have lunch around 11:30 and then games and such all day. It was VERY hot that day (95 plus). Zachary stayed with the Mahlers and Elyse stayed with the Hubers. Dad & I drove to Terre Haute to move Erin. So, yes, we missed the picnic. They had horses at the picnic this year. Elyse rode the biggest horse with Sophia on as well. The horse bucked and threw them off. Elyse landed on top of Sophia. Sophia has a huge bruise, but will be fine. Elyse has several sore spots and a scrap under her chin. No broken bones, just stiff and sore. At the picnic, Stevia tried to get Zachary to eat. He had one Oreo. After the picnic, she tried to get him to eat at their house and he has a cracker. He just only thirsty (guess that is what the heat does to you). Elyse rode to the Hubers in the back of their pickup truck. She loved it. Not sure that was a good idea, but they are still alive.

We moved Erin into her new apartment (house, actually). It is a cute three bedroom with a full basement. The basement isn't for their use - it looks like something you would hide prisoners in. They are right across the street from Tobin. Tobin's roommates are using Erin's shed in exchange for them mowing their lawn. We had lunch with Erin and helped her set up her bedroom a little bit. I had two bags of clothes to give to the Widholm family and a bag of sheets to give to Erin. At church, I gave the Widhom's two bags - one of them was Erin's sheets. I started to give Erin the bag in the trunk and found that it was clothes. Such a Blonde!

We are rearranging the family room. It is almost done. I have school books to get ready for next year, plus some unfinished papers from last year. After that, the room is finished. We plan on starting school on Monday - but it may not happen until the next week (PCS starts on the 27th).

Today we went on our first field trip (even though school hasn't officially started). We went to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm in Lowell (55 miles from here). We loved it! We saw three boy calves born (one had to be pulled out). We ate lunch there and then had some of their fresh ice cream. I had homemade chocolate chip cookies with cookies and cream ice cream in the center - it was scrumptidily umptious. Z & E had a cone and a sundae.

All the above happened without pictures - I forgot to take the camera with me. Sorry!

Dad & Zachary are mowing the lawn (did you know Zachary mowed the whole lawn the last time?). Anyway, tomorrow we are having about 25 people over for dinner. We invited the PCS teachers, staff and spouses to a potluck dinner. We provide the drinks and meat dish. We are having BBQ chicken and sweet tea. They are bringing side dishes and their own drinks if they don't like tea. Last year it rained buckets - we are hoping for better weather tomorrow. If it rains, we can eat inside (we did last year). But, it would be better outside.

Betsey's car is fixed and sitting in the driveway. FINALLY! They said it would take two days and it took nine. We need to get it to Grace soon.

Such a crummy update - no pictures! Anxious for Labor Day! Are you?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Saturday we spent the day with the Rumley side of the family. It was a good time with plenty of good food. Thank you, Nancy, for your hospitality. There were many new babies born, plus plenty of expecting mothers. How fun!

This is the five Rumley children. Sarah wasn't paying attention, sorry.

This is the five siblings with their spouses.

We didn't take a picture of all the children and grandchildren, the camera wouldn't have been big enough. There were about 48 of us there.

Sports Clinic is this week at FEBC. Zachary is playing Volleyball and Baseball. Elyse is playing Basketball and Soccer. They also have dinner there and a Bible time. Tonight we are going to a birthday party instead of FEBC. The twins will be 10 years old. Hopefully, they will like the gifts we got them. Zachary and Elyse made them cards, using die-cut letters that have glue on one side. Here is a picture of the cards.