Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Twenty three pounds so far!

Sunday, September 24, 2006




The happy couple!

A new found friend. Emily's favorite part.


Which way did he go? Or, I'm the Frito Bandito.

Having fun in the sun!

Yes, they did have sun. Although said scattered thunderstorms each and every day - they did have alot of sun. They sounded like they had a GREAT time. This was Emily's first plane ride - she had several close encounters that she doesn't want to repeat.

Glad you are home guys! It was great to see you again! Love you!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

THE BRIDE!!!!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Robert Stauch!

Such innocence...

A VERY proud Daddy!

One gorgeous bride!

Four of my five girls!

Please read the previous blog to see more pictures.

Going to Manton today. Will send more pictures when I get back on Friday or Saturday.

Please pray for Mr. Liabenow and his family.

Monday, September 18, 2006


My sister, Ruth, her daughter, Michelle and a friend!

Joyce Laga (my mother) at Coffee Creek.

The fo' of us and no mo'.

Such gorgeous girls!

When this computer decides to work properly, I will put more pictures on. Right now, I have it pretty jammed.

Please remember to pray for Mr. Liabenow (Lacey's Dad). He was in a serious accident and had brain surgery Saturday night. Also, remember the family.

I am heading to Manton to watch the children so Lacey can go to the hospital and see her Dad. Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!

Lacey's father was in an accident and is having brain surgery as I type. Lacey & Luke's family are driving to Traverse City, Michigan (another three hours past their house that is 2 hours from the wedding) to be with the family.

It is VERY serious brain surgery.

Please PRAY with all you have. Thanks.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Daniel Robert Stauch - WHOA!

CONGRATULATIONS to EMILY and DAN!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Tables are set up, sound system ready to go, MC willing and ready, decorations all at the church, flowers being made as I type, yep, I think we got it together.

Going to bed - I need it!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


YIKES! Can we make it?

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Jeanette and her "Build-A-Bear" John & Jeanette!

One of my favorite grandchildren!

Bethany & Ginger (look at all that food for one little girl).

Definitely a joy!

In the bathroom - is that a hint?

The tables at Fox & Hound. VERY fancy! It was so much fun.

I just read dph's xanga and LOVED her pictures. I thought you would enjoy some of ours. Just think: Next week, I can have wedding pictures! Can't wait - six more days!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Since everyone is asking...I am fine. The only time my ankle hurts is when I sit on it while teaching school (I love to do that, but can't for now). My bruises are almost gone and don't hurt at all.

Dad is going to do Mrs. Dunitz memorial service on Saturday. We will be at the shower for Jeanette. Quite a busy weekend coming up.

We are madly getting the last minute details covered for the wedding. Nine more days - YIKES!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CRUTCHES? a wedding?????

Labor Day was something else. Spent the morning cleaning and getting ready for company. The Mahler's came over for a cookout - fun times!

When the Mahler's left, Tim decided to finish up his car (got a new transmission and decided he would put it in this weekend - started on Friday night and was going to finish up on Monday). Emily, Zachary, Elyse & I all took turns helping out (turning this knob, getting a cold drink, or just yapping). Well, it was my turn. So, I turned this knob - oh so carefully - for about 30 minutes. The engine just didn't line up correctly. So, I decided I would have a look and see what the problem was. Suddenly the stool I was standing on slid in the transmission fluid all over the floor. Down I went on my bottom, stopping only to scrap my left arm badly on the workbench. I just sat there. Tim wanted to help me, but he was so filthy that I just said, "Don't touch me!" Besides, I was hurting pretty badly. I couldn't breathe, my ankle hurt, my arm hurt, I was going to pass out. I wanted so bad to lay on that dirty garage floor and just sleep my life away. But, I knew that was not a good thing if I had a head injury (Tim thought I hit my head on the workbench). So, I sat there for a few minutes trying to breathe. When I thought I could catch my breath, Tim went to get Emily. All three kids came running out and they said I looked VERY green. I just wanted to lay down. So, I hobbled into the house, up the stairs, into the bedroom and laid down. Then my left ear started ringing and my stomach said it wanted to get rid of lunch. Emily looked at my ankle and it was already bruised and starting to swell. ICE, someone said. Since I needed to sit up to hold my lunch down, I suggested Emily's foot bath filled with water and ice and I would sit in a chair in the living room. Hobbling back to the living room made me dizzy again. I sat in the chair and stuck my foot in the ice water. Emily said to leave it for 20 minutes. Three minutes later, I was freezing. I sat in my HEAVY bathrobe and tried to keep my foot in the water. Couldn't do it. I just wanted to go to sleep. Sleep didn't come. I was freezing, thinking of throwing up and had a throbbing foot (not to mention my arm every time I touched something with it). So, I soaked in the bath tub. That felt wonderful. I went to bed.

After several attempts to sleep, I read a book. When the book was finished, I decided it was really time to sleep. It didn't come. I was freezing. After taking Motrin, I tried again, with my robe on. Next thing I know, the alarm was going off.

"The rest of the story..." My ankle is bruised and somewhat swollen. My left arm is bruised, but going to be fine. I can walk without thinking of throwing up. I guess I am going to be fine. No emergency rooms for me!

Another sad note: Kathy Laga's mother passed away on Saturday. She had cancer. Her husband will be living with Kathy's family from now on (he has parkinson's disease and is blind). Pray for the family!