Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Yesterday, Tim and I joined Zachary and his future coach to sign an "intent to run" form for Grace Bible College.  Zachary has been accepted at Grace for the fall semester 2016.  He also signed up to run cross country.  It will be great to watch one of our children playing in sports again.

Coach Verwey, Zachary signing, and the 'rents...

We are excited for Zachary's future at GBC!

Here is the write-up from the Coach:

We are excited to announce the signing of our first recruit for the 2016 cross country season! Zachary Rumley, a senior from Hudsonville High School, has made the commitment to run for Grace Bible College next year. Zach has already met most of our cross country family and will be an outstanding addition to our team. The son of Tim and Sue Rumley, Zach has five siblings: Luke, Emily, Erin, Betsey, and Elyse. He also participated in basketball and baseball while at Hudsonville. While running cross country in high school, his 5k personal record was a 17:52.
Zach is interested in pursuing a degree in Worship Arts while at Grace. He is very excited to join our team. "I would like to play a collegiate sport and cross country is something that I am good at," noted Zach. "I also think that sports are a good way to get to know more people on campus, especially before the school year gets started." Zach said he learned the value of practicing regularly in high school sports. "It's not necessarily talent that wins every time, because talent gets lazy. Making the team a 'family' is what counts because a team that sticks together will fight for each other," added Zach.
Head Coach Gerry Verwey is thrilled that Zach has decided to join the team next season. "I think it's pretty clear that Zach will be a great fit for our team. He has the values we look for, he's a polite kid who is willing to work hard and be a good teammate. He just gets it. Zach will not only help us be successful at meets with the talent he brings but will also be a great guy to just have around," said Coach Verwey.
Congratulations Zachary Rumley! We couldn't be more excited to welcome you to the team!

Here it is on the website if you are interested:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Anyone thirsty, let them come unto me!

Thanks to GBC, we have five gallons of chocolate milk and one gallon of whole milk.  Yes, I just went shopping and already had four gallons of whole milk - but I can rearrange the fridge to get it all in.  We found a thirsty soul and gave away one gallon of chocolate milk.  So, come quickly if you want a taste.

Pretty girl's new hair cut - we love it!