Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We thought the tan color on the shutters was too boring.

The before...

Sorry for the dark photo - I thought with the sun shining on it, it would be pretty clear.  I guess you will have to come see it in person.  The mailbox and house numbers will be painted tonight!

The painted mailbox and the house numbers.

We think we have to buy darker paint for the mailbox, house numbers and the door.  What do you think?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Our latest addition to our backyard.  There were actually two of them.  This one didn't care that we were watching and taking pictures.  The other one took off running when we touched the web.  When it took off, so did Zachary.  He says there are brown recluse at Grace and he wants to be far away from them.


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Look what we have in our backyard!  THREE hawks!  I guess they are looking at the bunnies that live next door to us.

Then I tried something crazy - I straightened my hair.  Elyse does it all the time, so I tried it.  What do you think?

That's all for now!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Since Tim & Zachary have Fridays off in June and July, we decided to take a mini-vacation.  We tried to get a cabin in Indiana, but they require a 7-day rental.  We found a place close to home called Hungry Horse Campground.  We rented one of their cabins from Wednesday to Saturday.  The cabin had a fridge and microwave and a sink for the kitchen.  Outside there was a charcoal grill and a fire pit.  I bought food that would be microwavable or be eaten without cooking.  It was a few days on junk food, let me tell you.

Elyse climbing a ladder to the loft - it was a scary climb.

Elyse in the loft (her head is by the window).

The little kitchen, bedroom through the door and loft above.

Dining room...

Elyse doing the dishes without being asked - such a trooper!

First day trip to Shipshewanna (Zachary wasn't with us until the next day).

Elyse being Elyse.

Zachary finally arrived and taught us to play Urban Golf.  I only missed the ball once.

Proof I was there!

Zachary's ball went under the tree.

Look at the dirt she brought up!

We all went on a bike ride.  I made it once around the campground and had to quit, stupid knee.

I guess the theme is golf.  We did putt-putt.  I really tried, it was fun for all of us.

Zachary's first ball went through the fence.  It was so funny.

Zachary's first hole took eleven (11) putts.  We let everyone take as many as they needed.  We were the only ones playing because it was sprinkling a little.

More proof that I was there.

This was a fun hole.  I made it in two shots (I am the purple ball).

So Betsey...

Next day trip was to Ionia Free Fair.  Yes, it was free, but cost $7 for parking.

A shaky bridge across the river.  It scared Elyse pretty badly.

The second daughter is Naomi, Elyse's friend.

Photo bombed by one handsome lad.

The horses were HUGE!

It was so hot!  It was time to rest my knee - it was throbbing.

Chocolate milk from MILKVILLE.  Naomi had strawberry, the rest of us had chocolate.

Of course, there was a car show.  Dad & Zachary looked, while the girls had french fries.  I think the girls made the better choice.

We got home Saturday night, unpacked and chilled.  We didn't even want dinner.  We were still full from lunch and snacks at the fair.  It was a pretty good few days.