Sunday, December 27, 2015


Zachary is hosting eleven (11) youth for a 'Star Wars' movie marathon.  They will be at this from 4:00 today until 6:00 a.m. Monday.  YIKES!  There might be another viewing of the 7th movie in their future!  Zachary borrowed the projector from the youth room at church and is projecting the movie on the wall.  I wondered how 11 kids could see the movie on a 15" computer screen (we don't own a t.v.).  Smart thinking, Zill!

So much for sleeping tonight!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Christmas at the Rumley mansion:

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree...


Game we tried...

Put penne noodles on a spaghetti noodle...

Zachary got them all and so did Elyse...

Some kind of guitar stuff...

Adult coloring book, hair straightener, and a coffee candle.

Making Rudolph - Team Living Room!

Making Rudolph - Team Kitchen

A beautiful Rudolph (alias Ava)

A handsome Rudolph - alias Zachary

Rudolph twins

Another beauty.

Judah liked eating his gift wrap

Matching PJ's

Ava matches Bristol (in Minot)

Jaden & Caleb matched.

Our new Storm Trooper

Awesome - Jackson says, "OFF!"

Baby "C's" first Christmas ornament

YAY for sheets that will actually fit (thanks Boltons)

More guitar stuff

I LOVE PUZZLES (thanks Caleb)

Nerd warning:  A book with awful small print

The whole family on a metal Christmas ornament - awesome!

It was a great day!  The food was awesome (thanks for each contribution).  So many leftovers.  We won't cook all weekend!  Cinnamon rolls on the menu for breakfast this morning (thanks Stauch's).  L & L stayed through dinner (homemade pizza by Lacey and me).  Luke & Zachary played their guitars, while I played the piano and we sang several Christmas songs.  We missed the voices of the Bolton's, Stauch's and Vastbinder's.  But, we had fun anyway.

The family is still asleep this morning (it is 8:34 a.m. on Saturday).  I just can't sleep in, I guess.  Bummer!  Time to wake them all up!  Christmas isn't over yet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


We surprised the kids with lunch at Riverwoods Mall.  They didn't even see me walk over to the theater to buy tickets for the "Star Wars:  The Force Awaken" movie.  Sneaky, huh?  Here's proof that we were at least in the theater.

After the movie, we ran an errand.  Then we took them to a spectacular light show in Wyoming.  The owners had a sign that said, "Turn your radio to 106.7."  Then the lights followed the beat of the music.  It was pretty awesome.  I would hate to be their neighbor though.

All this followed a quick trip to Potbelly (we LOVE Potbelly).  It was an awesome afternoon.

If you want to see the light show, it is on Ariebell in Wyoming (west of Clyde Park).  It is worth your drive!

I hope the kids liked it because that is all they are getting for Christmas (jk).