Monday, August 28, 2006


Elyse got hold of the camera on the way home from GR.

Now it was Zachary's turn to use the camera.

We moved Emily's things into the new apartment on Saturday. Tim & Zachary watched the Cruise on 28th St., in GR.

Sunday, Betsey was in an accident in Indy. The car won't be fixed until Wednesday. It was Sara's car. Robbie & Micah picked up Betsey, Kathryn & Sara in Indy and took them back to Grace. Then Betsey jumped in her car and came to Portage to try on her bridesmaid dress. We called Barb and she was available. So, we went to Barb's for alterations. Betsey is now on her way back to Grace (and it is raining - again).

It has been a frustrating few days. It HAS to go up tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Just inside the gate, excited to see all the animals.

Our field trips are VERY educational. PTL no one
asked questions!

I guess that is one way to keep warm. All the
children got a kick out of this snake.

After the zoo (which took 1 1/2 hours to complete),
we went to a playground to play. The kids really
enjoyed that (while I sat at a picnic table in the shade).

Wendy's was our next stop. They have a new sandwich
the Wendy's Melt (It is a winner). Also, the vanilla
frosties are much better than the chocolate ones.

It was a glorious day! So much fun!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Erin said to update, so here goes.

Monday we started school! Boy, was I not ready. I spent the afternoon getting ready - still not there yet.

The phone rang off the hook. Kids wanting me to do things for them. Trying to do them and not being able to because I am not on the account. Whatever!

Talking on the phone to someone that doesn't speak English well (boy, I hate that). If you want to live in America, learn to speak like us. Enough said!

The last "bug class." The kids loved it. Thanks Mrs. Mahler!

Need to work on attitudes (mostly of #6). She is a piece of work. Maybe I need some help. Any takers?

Moving Emily this weekend. Again. Next week Emily moves home. PTL she doesn't stay up half the night and sleep in all day. Maybe we can go shopping and get my dress.

Where are my babysitters? No takers on the offer for October. What gives?

Well Erin, that is a bunch of disjointed comments. Did I do o.k.?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Zachary & Elyse took a class on insects, taught by Mrs. Mahler. Here is one of the projects they had to do in their class. Each insect had to have three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen), two antennae, wings, and six legs. They made a mobile one day (they are hanging in their rooms - you can see them when you come over). They had a super time - thanks Mrs. Mahler!

Smiley bug makers.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sports Clinic at FEBC!!!!!

A little fuzzy, but this is Elyse getting her award
for Sports Clinic.

Zachary and Kevin Mahler receiving their
awards for Sports Clinic.

Elyse & Leighton playing soccer.

Erin would be so proud - good form, and he
actually hit it back - WAY back!

The "Avenue" gave a free concert at the end of the Sports Clinic. Dad & Zachary sat in the car listening to the Tigers vs. White Sox. Elyse and I listened to two songs and decided to go home. Not that the "Avenue" wasn't any good, I was exhausted (three nights without sleep) and I have MUCH to do at home. The Veatch girls were at the concert. It was good to see them!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Elyse even got in the deal!

The trio of lovelies!

The finished product - WOW!

If you don't make the wedding - the above is what you would see. Amazing!