Monday, January 29, 2007


Total so far: 28 pounds, 28.75 inches and 2.8% body fat. Talk about "weigh" to go!

Saturday, January 27, 2007


First gift!

Two t-shirts for layering. She loved them!

Second gift - The Christmas Story Leg Lamp! Talk about
excited! She is in 7th heaven!

The real McCoy (actually a replica of said lamp).

Story behind the lamp: The FEBC college students had a White Elephant Gift Exchange. One of the kids got a leg lamp for their gift. Betsey went wild. She wanted one so bad. So, I called the new owner of said lamp and she didn't want to sell it. So, I thought of ebay. After losing six bids for the lamps (they go as high as $380), I almost quit. I said I will try one more time. If I lose, we will head to Victoria Secret and get her a stash of Love Spell. Well, this time I won! The lamp was delivered on Monday - the day before we went to Ft. Wayne for Science Central and meeting Betsey for dinner that evening. I should have taken her gifts that day - but we waited until today and had Tortilla Soup, grape juice, Lacey's cookies and her gifts. Quite a day!

BTW, I am really into this ebay thing. I just won two bids for dresses for Elyse. They are very nice dresses, but I only paid about $7.50 each. Such a deal! Does anyone want something from ebay - I love the excitement of seeing if I win the bid. My new fad!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This is the "Confusion Illusion" room. Everything is
tilted so you think you are walking uphill, when you are
actually going downhill. I sat on the floor letting the kids
play and got sea-sick. I had to leave the room.

This was taken outside of the "Confusion Illusion" room
through a t.v. I could watch the kids and not get sick. I
think if we added up all the time they spent in this room, it
would be over an hour. They had a blast. I tried to upload
a video of them playing in this room, but blogger won't
accept it - sorry!

They had an area called "the Sewer." You climbed down
a ladder through a sewer cover and had to crawl through
a maze in complete darkness. Half way through the maze
there is a window that gives "some" light to the area. So,
I stopped there (my knees were killing me anyway) and decided
I would take the kids pictures when they rounded the corner.
As you can see, this isn't one of our kids. I sure shocked him
when he came around the corner and this crazy lady took his

Finally, our kids came around the corner.

I shocked Elyse completely! What a funny expression!

Science Central was alot like the children's museum in Chattanooga, TN, that we visited this past summer. They have several things to do that Chattanooga didn't have and vice versa. It takes 2 1/2 hours to get there and cost us $16. I am not sure it was worth it, but the kids thought it was. It was, however, a day off school work - YEAH!

The highlight of the day was eating dinner with Betsey. Today is her 20th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUZZ! We ate at Bennigan's. It wasn't that good, but we enjoyed the company.

So, that is our day in a nutshell. Enjoy and COMMENT or I will quit doing this nonsense.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Elyse looking all grown up in her new clothes.

We had Christmas with Gma Laga on January 20.

Z & E opening their presents from Gma Laga.

Now the wedding - you would think we would have at least ONE picture of the bride and groom. But, alas, when kids steal your camera, you get alot of surprise pictures - and NO bride!

Erin & Caleb were there for sure and this is proof!
Caleb looked like a little man in his new suit.

The reception - we enjoyed Caleb very much! He was
such a blessing! That's Aunt Nona in the background.

Such a cool stairway - had to have a picture by it.

The "younger" crowd - left to right, Patience, Kezia, Jon Nast,
Jenny Nast, Emily & Dan Stauch, Betsey and Micah. Such a
lovely group!

Emily's back and Grace. Such cute grandkids that we have.

Luke & Caleb getting ready to go home. It was a long day.

We had a great time with Gma Laga. We went there on Friday and stayed the night. We had Christmas with her on Saturday morning (kind of late - but at least we got it in). After breakfast we got ready and drove over an hour to get to Jeanette and John's wedding.

The wedding was amazing! Jeanette was gorgeous. Charleen was gorgeous. The ceremony was short and sweet (the way I like it). The reception was way over the top. They served prime rib (whoa!). It melted in your mouth - such good food. Everyone seemed to have a good time. It was nice catching up with relatives and friends. Several were either Luke & Emily's teachers when we lived in the Detroit area or knew them from SCS. Fun times!

Next celebration is Betsey's birthday - and do we have a surprise for her!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Tim eating his birthday dinner of Horseradish Roast
Beef, Cheesy vegetables, Budd potatoes, Salad and
Strawberry/Rhubarb pie with French Vanilla Ice Cream
and Vernors (obviously).

No, we aren't giving hints, it was the only box I had
big enough to fit his present in.

He loves his new leather jacket - his old one was
really sad.

A self-portrait of one who forgot she had it on zoom.
I know she will be mad at me, but we put it on anyway.

Betsey serving ice cream - a more jolly look if I do
say so myself.

Looks kind of sad, but he was just goofing around.

Such a pretty girl! There is hope yet.

The party was fun. The girls stayed around and then they headed off to line dancing. They forgot the camera, so we won't have funny pictures of them learning to dance.

Missed you (L, L, G, C, E & D) at the party! Maybe my birthday on February 18th? Anyone up for Cracker Barrel?

Monday, January 01, 2007


Caleb, the happy "orange-nosed" baby. He is
sooo precious!

Caleb helping Daddy open his DVD and million
dollars (Ten "100 Grand" candy bars).

Lacey getting slippers and unders (don't tell her
I wrote this here).

Dan-O so happy! Betsey made him a St. Louis
Blues emblem in Pottery class.

Do you think Emily is excited about an
oven mitt?

Elyse & Zachary both got this and love it.
It is a PC Animation Station. We haven't
worked all the bugs out yet, but we are
closing in on it.

It was a super 2nd Christmas. All 12 of us were here. It was all too short though. I'll have more pictures another time - this is so slow and I am extra tired. Sorry.