Saturday, March 26, 2011


Nope, not us! Serena's family is moving to NC. They are originally from Texas, thus the cake:

Our homeschool co-op had a going away party for them. It was held at Nola's house (2nd from the left). Here are all the lovely teachers (Moms to some of you).

Left to right: Erica, Nola, Sheila, Carol, yours truly and Serena.

Nola's house is HUGE! It is great to have groups there. The basement is finished with air hockey, ping pong, craft table, nintendo games, and lots of toys. Zachary is usually bored at these things, but some older boys showed up and a basketball game started. Zachary said it was the best one he has been to so far. He doesn't want to go to another one, but we will see what happens.

We will see Serena once more before they move. They leave for Texas on the 4th for a three-week vacation (working vacation, remodeling their house). Then they head to NC for Billy's next stint in the army. He can retire in three years.

So long, Serena - it has been good!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here is the picture everyone has been asking for:

I guess Bristol doesn't like Zachary!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Zachary's basketball team had an end of the year party. Parents and siblings were invited to play against each age group. Zachary asked me to invite his siblings. We knew they couldn't come because it was on a Thursday night and they couldn't get off work and drive all the way here to play a 20 minute game with Zachary. BUT, they surprised us - literally. Erin, Tobin & Bristol drove 15 HOURS to come play. Betsey & Micah drove 4 HOURS to come play. Luke, Grace, Caleb, Ava & Jaden drove 4 HOURS to get here (without Lacey because she had a prior commitment). It was craziness, but such a blessing.

Elyse loved holding Bristol.

Zachary even took a turn holding her.

We got some really good laughs out of Bristol.

Now on to the games. My full time job was keeping the grandchildren from getting killed with the ball. The spectators area was only one folding chair deep - our feet were on the boundary lines. Thankfully, this ball missed Jaden by a few inches.

Three of the Rumleys waiting for their turn to play:

Betsey helping referee children.

See how many Rumleys you can pick out on the court.

Ava Joy was such a sweetheart at the games.

Caleb wanted so bad to play, finally Luke took him out on the court. Luke - you will have to start this boy on basketball, he is so good at dribbling.

During the games, we took breaks out in the hall. Luke loved holding Bristol and getting her to laugh.

Just five of my favorite people. These were the players during the games.

One more fun picture of Bristol for your liking.

It was a GREAT weekend and a GREAT surprise. Emily comes today - can't wait to have everyone here - minus Lacey & Dan! Thanks for making our weekend GREAT!