Saturday, May 31, 2008


Before the game, while the boys were warming up, the Coach came over to talk to me. He asked how long Zachary has played baseball. I said this was his first time. He couldn't believe it. He said he has some natural talent and I should keep him playing ball. He said when Zachary hits high school, they will all be after him. Whoa! Who would have thunk!

Today we had our first tournament against a Hobart team. We lost the game 11-10. But, it was an exciting game. The boys did a great job. There were some awesome plays. Coach was really proud of them.

For those of you who weren't there - here are some vital pictures!

Zachary ready for the pitch. If you remember, I told you the Coach said that Zachary is the only one that frickin' listens. Notice that Zachary is in position, just like the Coach wants, the other boys are day dreaming.

Here's my boy up to bat. Getting ready...Ball one.

Ball two...

Ball three...

Ball four...

Zachary on first base after his walk. His first base Coach is very conservative. She hardly ever lets them steal.

Zachary stealing second base...

Zachary bringing it home!

Again, Zachary is in position, the other guy is out to lunch.

The guy in blue on first base made the winning run.

Most of our games it was either raining, tornado warnings or freezing cold. This time, it was gorgeous sun. In fact, we were burned quite badly. Didn't even know it was that hot. The wind was very powerful, so we weren't getting hot.

Elyse doesn't like baseball games. Today she played under the bleachers and got her new capris filthy. What a girl!

After the game we hit Taco Bell. We haven't been in so long that it tasted mighty good.

BTW, our refrigerator is working fine right now. Hold your breath! We don't actually want to pay for a new one right now. Maybe after Covenant is paid off.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Tonight's game was amaZing (as Betsey would say). Zachary's team won the game in a 10 run lead. At the beginning of the game, we thought we would get rained out. There were tornado watches out, but no lightening. The rain stopped and the games began.

Zachary was the starting pitcher. Zachary had a no-run inning! When it was Zachary's turn to bat, he hit a line drive and got on first base. Eventually, he made it home and scored. The second time to bat, he hit the ball, but it looked like a bunt, the first base man got the grounder, but missed getting Zachary out by throwing it to the pitcher - so Zachary got on base.

Zachary pitched 22 pitches and finished the inning. Coach pulled him out so Zachary could pitch tomorrow. We have a tournament in Hobart starting tomorrow. The tournament is single elimination. So, if we lose tomorrow morning, we are done. If we win, and keep on winning, we could be playing all weekend.

At the end of each game, one of the players gets the baseball for his good efforts. Guess who got the ball tonight? Right, Zachary. He is the MVP of the night.

Usually after a win, they go to DQ. But, the lady in charge of snacks forgot. They had ice cream from the concession stand instead. Zachary didn't mind at all.

Dad had to leave the game early because tonight is Kindergarten graduation. Too bad he didn't get to see his awesome son play an awesome game. Maybe tomorrow.?.?.?.?.?.?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This weekend was very busy. Not only were we in Terre Haute, but also Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Grandville, Michigan. Monday was our family picnic at Millennium Park in Michigan. Erin just loved holding Ava Joy. She was a joy - such a good baby.

Our two chefs (one working, one supervising).

The ladies setting up (notice the skinny one in the blue shirt).

The playground was close to our table, so the kids escaped with Emily watching over them.

Grace took a tumble.

Elyse helped her up.

Zachary and Caleb loved playing together. Caleb has issues with his shoes, but he was very diligent in picking them up, getting the sand out of them and putting them on again (on the RIGHT foot, no less - he is one smart cookie).

Our brave Grace with Elyse right behind her.

Caleb going up the bumpy slide. He wasn't afraid of anything.

Zachary making sure Caleb was o.k.

Elyse and her silly smile. Her shirt has a peek hold in the sleeve. When she got sunburned, it left a burned spot on her arm, but not where the rest of the sleeve was.

Grace going down the bumpy slide. Seems that would hurt a little.

Proud momma, Lacey, with Ava Joy.

Now the excitement for the day (Tuesday). PCS is getting air conditioning in the new part of the building. The men were having problems, so Tim told all the students to get their coats near them (it is 45 degrees today and very windy). Then it happened. The workers set the school on fire. Here is the truck in OUR driveway.

Two other trucks followed with several men to aid in putting the fire out. If you look closely, you can see the students standing in the parking lot getting very cold.

The fire was put out quickly. But, it left a huge hole in the wall. I guess the men have to put more work into the job because they ruined the wall. No one was hurt. All is well. Tim came home for lunch and he smelled like smoke. The whole school smells like smoke.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be just another day without any exciting things happening.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We had a very busy weekend. Friday we headed to Terre Haute. We went to the "Senior Soiree" with Tobin, Erin, Jacque and Mike Bolton. After that, we had dinner at Applebee's (my favorite). We ate far too much. Dad was sick from lunch, so he didn't eat anything.

Saturday (at 7:30 A.M.) we went to Tobin's commissioning ceremony. Here is from left to right: Erin, Tobin, Stacey, Bill, Kellen Bolton. Sorry about the glare, but the chapel faces EAST.

Most of my pictures had severe glare in them. The chapel is gorgeous, but it does have some disadvantages. Here is Tobin getting his pins (not sure what the technical name is). It was such a great ceremony. Such personal comments about each man's achievements, schooling, and family.

Mike & Jacque (Tobin's parents) received "parent pins" too (again, I am not sure what they are called).

Tobin receives his first salute as Second Lieutenant from his brother, Bill, Private First Class in the Army. What an honor for both guys.

Here is all the guys from Detachment 218 (at least that is what I remembered them calling it).

Our serious Tobin filing out after the ceremony.

One proud wife, Erin, and Tobin.

Then we headed to the gym for graduation for both Tobin and Erin. It was a LONG ceremony of 2 1/2 hours. Luke, Lacey, Grace, Caleb, Ava, Dan, Emily, Zachary, Elyse, Dad and I were all there. Grace was amazing! She did really well. Caleb had to walk around, but he was basically very good. Ava fell asleep. She is such a cutie.

So, here are the proud graduates - Mr. & Mrs. Tobin James Bolton.

Today we are in Grandville, in a motel. We are having a picnic tomorrow with the whole gang (minus Betsey & Tobin). It is supposed to rain all night and all day tomorrow. That will make a very rough picnic. If that happens, we will head to Luke's for a picnic inside.

So that is a rough photography of the weekend. It was a great weekend honoring Tobin and Erin. It was amazing! Please forgive me if I misspelled names or got the names confused when it comes to the Bolton brothers. I think I got it right.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Tonight's game wasn't so hot. Zachary played first base, right center field and catcher. At first, Elyse, Dad and I sat on the bleachers and sweated to death. It was 73 degrees and the sun was blasting on us. Then Tim had to leave because tonight is PCS's musical. After he left, we started freezing. The sun went down and the wind picked up. We didn't think to take jackets or a blanket, so we were quite cold. Zachary hit a hard line-drive and got on first base. He stole second base and then the batter struck out. So, we lost! The Coach was very mad at the team. This is the first time we saw him yelling orders.

Our Sunday game was canceled. Which is better for us because FEBC is having their annual meeting and a dinner afterwards. We could have done it all, but it would have been tight.

Tomorrow we head to Ft. Wayne for the homeschool convention. Micah and Betsey are gracious enough to watch Zachary & Elyse for me. After we get our books, it will be like Christmas! We love this time of year. Twelve more days of school and we are done for the year. Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last night's game was exciting. Our team won!!!!! The league rules are only five runs per inning. After four innings, you can have a shut out. So, the first three innings we made five runs and had to turn it over to the other team. After four innings, the score was 15 to 2. So, we had to call the game and we won! The team went to the DQ afterwards. We bought Elyse an ice cream cone ($1.70 - can you believe it - remember when they were 69 cents?).

This month we will be traveling every weekend. Last weekend to GR, this weekend to Ft. Wayne, and next weekend to Terre Haute.

Pretty soon...Georgia! We are so excited about that!

Have a good one!

Monday, May 12, 2008


The whole weekend was Mother's Day. Saturday, Emily & Erin ran a 10K run in GR. We couldn't go watch because of the early hour, but we did join up with them for a cookout at L & L's house. It was a great day of family, food and fun. There were 15 of us. It was great to have everyone together.

Caleb had surgery on Friday, so we brought presents for him and Grace. Here is Caleb opening his gifts (he loves the hat Erin gave him at her wedding - he wears it all the time).

Elyse was a great helper in opening the gifts.

When we got home, the kids gave me a dozen roses and a helium balloon. They are gorgeous!

Sunday, after church, we went to Chili's. After our meal, I ordered dessert. I knew I couldn't eat it all, but it was Mothers' Day. The waitress asked if I wanted extra spoons to share the dessert. I said, "NO, WAY! It is Mothers' Day." She laughed and brought out the dessert. Of course, I couldn't finish it, so everyone had a taste anyway.

Each of my children called on Sunday to wish me a "Happy Mothers' Day." It was a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Finally! AWANA is over for the year. Last night was awards night. Zachary finished his book, so he got a stand-up plaque that says "Excellence Award." Elyse finished her book too, and her plaque has Sparky on it (of course, the light is shining on it and you can't read it).

When Zachary's group was on stage and they were handing out the awards, the leader talked about two parts of the book that had to be passed. They handed out the first awards and Zachary got the one above. Then they described the rest of the book that is much harder to pass. Two students passed that, she said. Then she called Zachary up there to get his award. Zachary said, "I didn't finish that part of my book." The leader said, "Our records show that you did." Zachary said, "No, I didn't, but I am close to finishing." So, the leader praised him for his honesty and then she looked out at me in the audience. I shook my head "No" because Zachary didn't quite finish this part of his book. The next leader praised Zachary again for being a man of God and being honest. We were proud of him!

Betsey is home! YEAH! We have her for almost two weeks before she heads off to Spain for the summer.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


FINALLY - Zachary gets to play a game. Not a drop of rain! He wasn't the starting pitcher, but he did get to pitch.

The wind-up:

The follow-through:

Playing first base (that's Pastor McGuire from Real Life to the left of Zachary).

It was a fun game to watch. No, we didn't win. Zachary pitched his limit of pitches that he was allowed in one game. We had five pitchers all together. Zachary only got two chances at bat and got on first base then he struck out the second time. When he got on first base, the first-base coach told him late to run to second. He obeyed and then was tagged out.

Zachary says I don't know what I am talking about in the above paragraph, but that is how an uneducated spectator saw things. If you want better media reviews, you will have to watch the game yourself and report how YOU see it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

FIRST BASEBALL GAME (sort of)!!!!!

Monday night was actually Zachary's first baseball game. But, it was canceled due to rain. The Little League rules are if you see lightning, you have to wait for 30 minutes with no lightning
before you can start playing again. So, Monday's game was completely canceled.

However, today (Friday) was supposed to be the second game, but it was actually the first game that they got to play. We have to arrive 30 minutes before game time. We got there 40 minutes ahead of time and the Coach called Zachary over. He was going to warm up their first pitcher. Go, Zachary! He was so excited. After warming up, they headed to the dugout.

Here is the Coach warming up the first pitcher, Zachary!

Here is the whole team warming up (we are the orange team, "Little Ceasar's" team). It looks like the "pumpkins" are going to play the "bumble bees." At least that is what the spectators were saying.

Notice the face!

What a GREAT arm!

The other team pitched first and we scored one run. Then Zachary's team was up and Zachary was going to pitch. You could see the excitement in his eyes. Then we felt a drop of rain, but said to ourselves, that it wasn't going to rain. Then the lightning flashed through the sky. So, into the dugout they went to wait for 30 minutes of no lightning. A few minutes later, a downpour. We ran to the car and turned on the radio. Sure enough, a tornado warning (not a watch, a warning). Next the city sirens were going off. I guess we weren't meant to get this game in either.

My boy was very disappointed. What a bummer! Two games in one week canceled. What gives! It is supposed to rain all weekend. Sunday we get team pictures taken. Monday is our next scheduled game - we will see if we get it in this time.

If you decide to come watch a game, check out the weather first. It may be canceled due to a tornado, lightning or some other catastrophe.