Saturday, September 24, 2011


Zachary took care of the grandsons. Elyse took care of the granddaughters.

There was lots of shooting going on:

Lots of light saber fights:

And some really good one-on-one:

It was great to have the grands here! Such fun watching Z & E take responsibility and enjoy the little ones. We get the same opportunity on the 1st! Can't wait!

Monday, September 19, 2011

FT. WAYNE!!!!!

After a trip to LA, watching four grand children, we decided to go to Ft. Wayne for the zoo and the Johnny Appleseed Festival.

Zachary enjoyed playing video games, either by himself, or against Micah, Elyse or Betsey. It was fun watching them (except when I fell asleep).

The kids being silly at the zoo:

Petting the animals:

This guy was scary, he paced back and forth right in front of us:

Dad asked that this picture be posted. It was supposed to be me kissing this guy, but the rude people next to us were in the way. Figures!

See what I was getting in to:

The zoo has a new exhibit, the sky lift. Don't EVER go on it. Three of us were terrified and ready to lose our lunch. Zachary was green:

Two more of the terrified people:

We even got to play in an old workers' truck:

We kept hearing drums. We found them and added our own band to the air:

The penguins kept having business meetings:

The highlight of the zoo was the log ride:

Saturday, we went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. It was a lot of fun! Micah was able to go with us because he doesn't work on Saturdays.

The gang beside Johnny's grave site:

I have more pictures, but am too lazy to post them. Come see them for yourself!

It was a great weekend! We loved Betsey & Micah's apartment. They are doing so well!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Vernon Hills Public Works had an open house tonight from 4-7. All kinds of trucks and equipment were open to climbing on, riding in/on or just to take a gander. It was awesome and FREE!

Not only did we have the time of our lives, but we got dinner for EIGHT people FREE! We had hotdogs, chips, rice krispy treats and pop or Capri Sun.

Each station that was open had either a snack, piece of candy, or a trinket of some sort. We came home with construction hats, construction vests, pencils, balloons, bubbles, stickers and even a skunk pin. Caleb especially liked that last one.

We met two families from our church there. One of the families joined us at the park this morning, so the kids remembered them. It was a well thought out program.

The balloons we received are all stuck in our 20 ft. cathedral ceiling. When the helium wears out in the morning, they will be able to have their balloons again. Either that or a ladder and a broom will do the trick.

Our hall for the night:

A very patient little girl, waiting in line for a very scary ride:

Getting her safety gear on:

And up she goes:

Yes, Ava was the ONLY one brave enough to ride the cherry picker. Of course, I had to ride with her. It was really high and a little scary. Thankfully, Ava couldn't see over the bucket, so she had no idea we were above the trees. We made it back to earth, safe and sound.

Zachary and his two charges:

A silly boy with some of his prizes:

Ava riding in a bob-cat:

Zachary and Jaden in a big "twuck."

My favorite uncle:

Checking out the plows:

A real fox fur:

A lot of walking:

Hey you!

Getting way too many balloons:

They all made it home:

Even Elyse wanted one - she said she is still a little girl:

One winner:

Hey, they fit:

Another winner:

Tomorrow we give the kids back to their parents. It is going to be so quiet around here. I'll bet we can find our carpet again. The toys have never had so many hours of play. It was a GREAT week! I hope to add some more pictures tomorrow of our last finale. Stay tuned!

DAY 2!!!!!

Even though it was freezing (53 degrees), we went to the park. Most of us had a sweatshirt or jacket, Caleb wore Zachary's t-shirt over his shirt to keep him a little warmer.

Some of these pictures are a little blurry, sorry about that.

Elyse & Grace loved the swings:

Jaden & Ava played in the sandbox for the whole time:

Our pastor's wife, Londa, and their daughter, Grace, joined us:

Grace loved walking around:

At the house, Jaden loved playing us "tunes."

The gang watching "The Lion King."

Poor Ava decided to be sick this morning. She wasn't able to eat breakfast, but she downed her morning snack like no tomorrow. Hopefully, that means she is feeling much better.

Bread is baking (smells so good). Lunch time is almost upon us. Then NAP TIME - can't wait! L & L, I hope I don't ruin your children's nap time - we don't make Grace & Caleb take a nap. Just the little ones. The big ones are entertained by Z & E, so we let naps fly out the window. Caleb sure loves playing baseball, soccer and catch with Uncle Zachary. Elyse & Grace are having a marvelous time playing board games, painting nails, etc. Jaden & Ava are getting in on the action wherever they can.

This is how the boys sleep:

Maybe tonight, I will get a picture of how the girls sleep!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today we took the six children to the park. It was a balmy 69 degrees. If you were in the sun, the wind wasn't too bad. It was a gorgeous day.

Jaden's quote: "I don't want to swing."

A push from a big sister:

A slide, however, was a good thing:

I really liked the train:

I'd rather explore:

Ava could swing for hours:

Grace loved swinging by herself:

There are no pictures of the big boys - maybe next time!

The kids left without me to walk to the park. I was looking for the keys. I finally found them in the van. In the meantime, the kids had made it to the park without me. I walked to the park and looked for the kids. You'd think it would be easy to find SIX children - but it wasn't. I sat on a bench and waited for the kids. You would never believe where they were. Don't panic Luke & Lacey - I did enough panicking all by myself. The boys (Z, C & J) went to the baseball diamond. The girls (E, G & A) walked to the library. I could have screamed! That is over a mile walk, plus they had to cross Townline Rd. Believe me, that will be the last time they do that. I was sure one would be severely injured by the time I found them. BUT, they made it! Elyse held Ava's hand across Townline. L & L - I guess your children aren't safe with me! Thank the Lord His guardian angels work overtime.