Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was the AWANA Grand Prix. Betsey drove all the way from Grace to watch the kids race their cars. This year, we got the cars late and had little time to make them. The kids did their own paint jobs on the cars.

Elyse's car had sparkling pink, blue and purple stripes on the top. The sides had "flowers" on it (Zachary says the flowers look like nerds). The sides of the car are green. She did the design and all the painting by herself. She did a knock-out job.

Zachary decided to paint his car all black. It was a shiny black. He also did all the painting and did a very nice job.

Neither of them won in speed. We think they came in 4th and 5th, but we aren't sure. Elyse was hoping for a design award, but she didn't get it. The winner's car was shaped like a bathtub with a polly pocket doll in the tub holding a fishing pole with a fish on the end of the line. It was really cute.

Everyone gets a participation ribbon (which is what they are holding). Zachary & Elyse are both in T & T (Truth in Training), which is 3rd to 5th graders. So, here is the T & T racers.

It was a fun day for the kids. We are all tired and feel like taking a nap. I doubt the kids will take one, but you can bet I will be!

For those of you who care, my computer was in the shop for two weeks. They replaced the motherboard and the heat something. I think it was overheating. Anyway, I tried to load pictures on my computer to write this blog, it wouldn't hold the memory card. Then I realized that the memory card slot was empty. So, I guess it is back to the repair shop for this one! Bummer! At least the price is right - FREE! Thank goodness!

I also have another appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I am going to tell him that I am not leaving until I can hear. I also will not pay another dime until all is well! Another bummer!

Hope all is well with anyone who cares to read this. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LET IT SNOW.....!!!!!

Since Emily posted pictures of her snow, I thought you would like to see what we have. We usually don't get much snow (Michigan City gets much more). But, the last two days, the snow has been coming off the lake straight south. We had about 8 inches the first day, now they claim we are to get 3-5 more inches.

The first picture is of our back deck. It is about 14 inches deep (several days accumulation).

The last picture is of our redbud tree in the back yard. I love how the snow looks on the bare trees. I wish you could see the trees on the red barns yard. Lovely!

Betsey is at the inauguration with the students she taught as a student teacher. She arrived safely. What a great opportunity to be a part of US History!

Dad read about PCS in the newspaper. You can check it out at: Who would have thought?

Enjoy the snow! Drive carefully! Keep warm!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Today, Dad is 50 years old. PCS decorated his office and outside his door. One of the teachers sent him an e-card. They are very thoughtful. You may have to click on the pictures to be able to read all the signs. The teachers and most of the students wore all black today in honor of someone's birthday. Dad thought it was cool!

His conference table covered in confetti.

Yesterday we had to pick up Betsey in Plymouth, Indiana. Since we would be getting back too late to cook dinner, we used one of our gift certificates that Luke & Lacey gave us (Santini's Pizza). It was a very smokey restaurant (which bothered my coughing even more than normal), but the pizza and garlic bread were pretty good. Thanks L & L!

Tonight we meet most of our children to celebrate Tim's birthday (we will miss you Erin & Tobin). We might blog about that next week.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Friday night some of the older children came home to celebrate Christmas. By 7:00, we had everyone here except Tobin & Erin (we missed you two). We had a late dinner and then opened Christmas Eve gifts. Each year we give everyone a new pair of pajamas. After the little ones were put to bed, we played a game of gift wrapping (thanks Miss O. for your idea). Each couple had to put their arm around the other one and wrap a gift with only one hand each. Dad & I were the judges to see whose gift was wrapped the best.

The couples were Dan & Emily, Luke & Lacey, Betsey & Micah, and finally, Zachary & Elyse. The first prize went to Luke & Lacey. The second prize went to Emily & Dan. Emily & Dan decided to put a "bow" on the top of the gift and we all made fun of it and pretended like that made them come in second place. Actually, the two winners were pretty much tied, but there had to be a decision some how. It was fun watching them wrap their gifts and struggling with only one hand each.

Dan & Emily - second place winners.

Luke & Lacey - first place winners.

Betsey & Micah - third place.

Zachary & Elyse - fourth place - but great effort!

Saturday, we had our Christmas celebration. Lots of gifts, games, food and fun. It was a great time. The gifts were a hit (which always makes Christmas more exciting). Our "new" tradition is to have a huge brunch on Christmas, instead of turkey and the whole fixings. So, we had eggs, poppy seed bread, pumpkin tea bread, sticky buns, juice and milk. When it was all on the table, Tim said, "Where's the sausage or bacon?" I guess I can't remember everything. We were so full from our brunch, that the planned lasagna for dinner went out the window. We changed our plans to spaghetti. It was faster to make and much less filling.

It was fun to have all the grandkids here (including George, Emily & Dan's dog). Ava is NOT trying to walk, but we tried to encourage her anyway. She took eight steps once, until she remembered she didn't want to walk and she went back to crawling. She climbed into the duplo box and had a blast throwing them out one at a time.

Before Emily & Dan went home on Saturday, Emily had a craft time with Elyse. Here is their project - amazing!

Emily & Dan went home Saturday night. But the rest of us stayed and played "Balderdash." It was fun for some of us. Others didn't follow the rules, exactly.

Sunday, we all jammed into two cars and went to church. Grace and Caleb aren't used to sitting through the worship service (they have children's church) so it was a new thing for them. They did GREAT! Caleb was so cute. During his coloring, he would comment on what the Pastor was saying. So, he WAS listening. Then we had donut time (my kids favorite part of church). Sunday School was next. The grandkids all went to their respective classes. Caleb looked like he was going to be o.k. But, he wasn't. Ten minutes into Sunday School Caleb's teacher brought him to us. He played at the table with my scrip cards, coloring, and my mirror. He was pretty good. One of the people scraped the floor with their chair and Caleb started laughing saying, "Someone tooted!"

During lunch, we asked Caleb why he didn't stay in his Sunday School class. He said he was sad. We asked why he was sad and he said, "I tooted, and I was embarrassed." What a funny kid! After lunch, Luke's family packed up and went home. Betsey & Micah left around 4:30. Betsey will be shopping for wedding dresses, etc., in Ft. Wayne and South Bend. I will meet her in South Bend on Wednesday to shop and then bring her home.

We will be doing alot of traveling this week. Wednesday to South Bend, and Thursday to Grand Rapids to celebrate Tim's birthday and for me to watch Luke's children. Maybe we will have another update after that - maybe not.