Monday, February 15, 2016


How has 18 years passed already?  Surely it is impossible.

I remember it well.  You were our first child to be born at home with a midwife.  After 45 hours of labor, there you were, completely navy blue and not breathing.  Dad was told to massage you while the midwife took care of me.  When you took your first breath, we were shocked and excited.  We didn't think it would happen.

We were told you might have brain damage.  That didn't happen, praise the Lord.  You did, however, have to learn to eat properly.  We worked hours on that issue alone.  You finally got the hang of it and you haven't stopped eating since.  It is a blessing to see the cabinets empty because we know you are going to be fine.

You are a very talented young man.  Your music ability amazes me and I love listening to it.  Your ability to remember all those scientific and mathematical information just blows my mind.  Brain damage - not one ounce of it!  Your service for our Lord and Savior is so much fun to watch.  GBF has never been the same since you came on board.  Thanks for serving in so many areas (music, teaching, youth group, planning trips, cleaning the youth room, etc.).

We aren't sure what we bought you for your birthday, we just clicked on what you told us to get.  I hope you enjoy those cables, connections and thingys.  Have a tremendous birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday!