Saturday, January 29, 2011


Thursday night, Zachary had a basketball game. They played another homeschool group, so the three-point shots counted as three points. Zachary and one of his friends said that they would score 40 points that game. They were losing 16-13 at halftime. Zachary made a three-point shot and a two-point shot at the end of the 4th quarter to make it 32-32. They went into overtime, but lost 39-32.

Friday night they played a catholic team (which means NO three-pointers). We were playing a 5th grade team, so most of them were really short. Zachary scored 10 points. The team scored over 40 points (first time for them). We won the game by 6 points (41-35).

The spectators of the Friday night game were on pins and needles. It was a very tense game. The gym was very noisy. The other teams' spectators were great cheerleaders. Zachary tries to get things going when he is on the bench, but our spectators don't cooperate or his teammates. He is a one-man band! Rhythmless to boot! It was a fun night.

We got home from the Friday night game around 6:45. We hadn't had dinner yet. I started dinner, when Zachary remembered that it was youth group night. Dad rushed him to church, while I fixed dinner. Elyse & I ate while they were gone. Dad ate when he got back. Zachary didn't get dinner until after youth group - which was about 9:00.

Sorry we don't have pictures, I forgot the camera. Even when I remember the camera, it is very hard to take pictures of moving targets. We have used the "sport" setting, but we still aren't very good photographers.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Zachary's room is in the basement now. He has his own little corner and is making it "home."

Zachary & Elyse share my old laptop (it overheats often, but they still use it). Zachary used his toy tower for a desktop to hold his laptop. Quite innovative, I think.

He is into "Lord of the Rings." His screen saver is always something to do with that movie.

Zachary is in the process of translating the Bible in the "Lord of the Rings" language. In the process of doing that on the computer, he downloaded something from their website. That download put a virus on the computer and turned EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING into that language. Dad had to re-format the whole computer - now it works fine (except the overheating part).

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Zachary had another win. Problem with that, the other team were 4th graders. The green team couldn't hit the basket if they had a ladder. It wasn't a fair game. It was fun to watch. The green team was so cute. Zachary's team won 32-3 (I think). It could have been worse, but Z's coach told them to pass five times before they tried a basket. They were hoping the other team would get the ball, not a chance.

Zachary got the tip-off (I wonder why).

Notice how tall the red teams is to the green team.

You asked for pictures and you got them. Hopefully, next Friday's game will be more fair and we'll take more pictures. We'll see!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Zachary had a home game today. He made 13 of the 25 points. They won 25-21. It was a very exciting game.

Guess what? I finally remembered the camera. I even took it out of the bag and used it.

One of the videos is of Zachary making a basket. The fuzzy hair in the middle of the video is the back of my head (Elyse was the photographer on these two videos).

This video is Zachary making one of his two free throws.

Sure wish you could be here to see him play. The opposing team's coach always says to watch out for #34 (Zachary's number).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last night Zachary had a basketball game. Of course, Mom forgot the camera (bummer, sorry).

First quarter he was the point guard. He scored six points. They were trying to make noise on the bench, but since they only had one extra player, the coach decided to put ZACHARY on the bench because he has a big mouth. Zachary was on the bench for three minutes, screaming like crazy.

Fourth quarter the other team scored twice to make it 22-18. They were winning. They drove down court and Zachary made a lay-up. The next time down the court, one of our players got fouled. He made one shot, making it 22-21. They stole the ball on defense and passed it to Zachary. He went up for a lay-up and got fouled with seven seconds left. One of his teammates came up to Zachary and told him to just make one! The first freethrow and he makes it - no problem. Zachary said afterwards that he wanted to shout "Game Over" right then. He thought that he was going to hit the speakers on the ceiling or Daniel in the face (teammate). Zachary got the ball from the ref and dribbled it three times on the ground. Just as he was about to shoot, everything went silent. He shot it up and got nothing but net! That makes it 22-23 (Zachary's team was winning). The clock said seven seconds left.

Zachary's team stole the ball as they were coming down court and the other team smacked it out of bounds. Point seven seconds left! One of our players was getting ready to throw the ball in and Zachary was standing on the side where the other team was trying to shoot. Everyone was shouting to throw it to the other end, because there was no way to make a basket from the other side of the court. Instead, Elijah throws it to Zachary right by their hoop. Luckily, the guy guarding Zachary didn't break three feet off the ground. Zachary was able to grab it and the clock buzzed.

It was a very exciting game. Mom loved it! Elyse was bored (as usual). Afterwards, every time Zachary wanted to say something, Elijah would say, "Everybody shut up, the MVP is talking."

Friday, January 07, 2011


Last night, our Growth Group (small group to some) met to celebrate Epiphany. We had a potluck (pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, deviled eggs, potato casserole, two dips with chips, cornbread casserole, carrots, fresh veggies, and about 10 desserts). It was amazing food.

After we ate, those who wanted, shared something from their heart to "give" to Jesus. Some shared a poem, lyrics to a loved song, or a picture. Dad shared lyrics to "All for Jesus." I took two pictures of Bristol Aubrey and shared about what a blessing she was to our family. Everyone oohed and aahed over her picture and the story. With five grandchildren, we are truly blessed. Thank you, Jesus!

One of the ladies brought this side dish:

The penguin is a slice of a carrot for his feet, the chip out of his "feet" is his nose, the body is a large black olive, his head is a small black olive, the white center of his body is cream cheese, and on top of his head is a toothpick that has fringe on top (my camera chopped his feathers off - sorry). Isn't she creative?

We have enjoyed getting to know the other 14 people in our Growth Group. We will be studying the book of Hebrews when we start up again this semester. Looking forward to that!

Have a great New Year everyone!

Monday, January 03, 2011


Friday morning, I had surgery on my left ear. It was out-patient surgery, but I was completely knocked out. I felt nothing - which I was thrilled about. I will make an appointment today for a recheck and removal of my ear plug. Just thought I would show you the aftermath of the IV that they gave me. At least it doesn't hurt, just looks awful.

Friday, we headed to Emily & Dan's house to celebrate Christmas with them (since they weren't able to attend our family Christmas on the 18th). We had a great time with them. Emily fixed a pot roast for dinner - I LOVE pot roast. We also had Boston Coolers (we can't buy Vernors in Illinois). That was a great treat! We played "Sequence" and "Bezzerwizzer" with them. Both games were pretty good. Erin & Tobin, I included a picture of Dan & Emily opening the gift from you. We enjoyed playing it.

Emily taught Elyse how to fix her hair with the curling iron Dan & Emily gave her for Christmas. Elyse is trying real hard to get some curl in her hair. She is doing a great job!

Saturday, we headed to my Mom's house. Ruth, Larry, Michelle, Kevin & Kenny joined us for the evening. Ruth made Lasagna for everyone. We played "Spanking Yoda." It was funny how each person's drawings turned out. Zachary is quite the artist. Ruth kept saying, "I need to take drawing lessons." It was a lot of fun.

My Mom always has something to repair when we get there. Zachary thought it would be funny to take a picture of me doing the repair. Go ahead, laugh at me, everyone else did.

We made a small photo album for Gma Laga. There were several pictures of each family member in my family. She really likes photos, so this was the perfect gift for her.

Sunday morning, we headed to Phil & Mimi's brand new cafe(Mimi is Amy Harbert's sister). It is called "Time on Main Street." In front of their shop, is a huge clock (thus the name "Time"). Yes, the building is located on Main Street, thus the other part of the name. Phil, Mimi's husband, is a builder. They bought an old building (150 years old), gutted it and turned it into a cafe. It is like a Starbucks. They did a great job on the upgrades. Bob, Amy & Harmonie Harbert met us there. We haven't seen their family in ages. It was good to catch up.

Here we are in "Time on Main Street."

Next the lovely ride home (six hours). Dad listened to the football game, Elyse had her DVD's, I had my DVD's and Zachary had his music. We didn't fellowship much with each other, everyone was glued to their electronics. We stopped for lunch/dinner about halfway home. Zachary got sick at my Mom's house, so he didn't feel like eating. He just had a bowl of soup. The rest of us had a full meal. When we got home, Elyse complained about not feeling well. I guess it is our turn for a round of sickies.

We enjoyed all three of our Christmas celebrations. Hope you enjoyed all of yours!