Sunday, September 27, 2009


Our neighbors lazy cat! Funny place to take a nap, if you ask me.

On Friday, Dan & Jay came to spend the night. They were on their way to watch the 49ers play in Minnesota. They left Saturday morning around 6:10. Too bad their team lost - hope they had a good weekend inspite of it.

We loaded up the car Saturday morning and heading to GH to get Emily. Then we headed to Troy, MI, for Melanie's wedding. It was very pretty. The wedding was short & sweet - the way we like it. Kevin & Kenny were the ushers. Such handsome boys to walk us down the aisle. The reception food was amazing! Such an awesome chicken dish - wish I knew how to make it.

As you can see, the decorations were pretty, but also annoying. Here is the bride & groom, aren't they a smashing couple - you can almost tell. At least you can see her dress - very pretty.

Now this shot is a little better. May I introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Don Trabulsy.

Three spectators that we found along the way.

After going to church with Emily, we met up with Luke's family in downtown GR. They were holding an Art Fair, of sorts. While we waited for 100,000 colored paper airplanes, we watched the people. Here is a "brave" girl on top the roof of a eight story building. It was a sight that made you want to throw up. So, we took a picture and stopped looking.

What does 100,000 colored paper airplanes look like? Glad you asked. Like this....

Another art project was a HUGE table and two chairs ON TOP of the bridge. There was writing on the sides of the table and chairs, but we couldn't get a good picture of that. Sorry.

After we walked around awhile, we enjoyed a picnic lunch. Then we took a picture of the cutest family - don't you agree?

Betsey & Erin - all that was for you! Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse of our weekend. We missed you four! Check our Lacey's blog to see "Nessie." She was amazing!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This was supposed to be a "Baked Ham & Cheese Omelet." You bake it in a 9x13 and then add ham and cheese. After five more minutes of baking, you roll it up starting with the short side. Here it is in the 9x13 - gorgeous, isn't it?

After taking it out, I tried to roll it up. Nope, not going to happen. At least it didn't stick to the pan. But, parts fell off as I attempted to roll it up. So, we cut it like a pizza. Don't you think it would taste just as good rolled up or not? It was amazing! Elyse hated it, but we usually say, "Give it to Mickey, he hates everything." So true.

Tonight we went to Baker's Square for Pie Rush Wednesday. You only have to buy one thing to get a free slice of pie. We ordered four pops (soda for you, Dan-O). When the waitress brought us our drinks she brought the kids the kiddie drinks. They only cost 69 cents. The total price of the night, $6.00. Such a deal for us!

A neighbor was throwing out a bike. They weren't home, so we took the bike home. Zachary thinks he fixed it. He loves tinkering with things. I talked to the neighbor to make sure he was throwing it out and he told me what was wrong with it. Since Zachary thinks he fixed it, we will give it a spin tomorrow to see how it works. If it works, we got a pretty nice bike for nothing.

I made a loaf of bread tonight. It was so good, we ate the whole thing for dinner. Of course, Zachary & I had to try a few pieces before dinner, so no one would be poisoned. Tim was late getting home because of the traffic, luckily, we saved him a few pieces of fresh bread. I will be making it from now on - so simple and great tasting!

Monday, September 21, 2009


We tried the Village Church again yesterday. Tim & I like it. Elyse is fine. Zachary doesn't like it. But, out of the three churches we tried so far, Zachary likes the Village Church the best. Around here, people don't go to Sunday School. Zachary & Elyse's Sunday School class had 10 children in it, ages 5-12. That would be very hard for the teacher to keep all entertained. Such an age gap. Our class was pretty good. It was led by the Assistant Pastor talking about apologetics. I even got involved in the discussion (unheard of by me). The worship service was pretty good. They have a worship team. The singing of the team was pretty good, but the lady with the tambourine belonged to the rhythm-less band. It really bothered me. It was like an irregular heartbeat - it drove me crazy.

After church and lunch, we headed to a homeschool picnic. The lady we got the dresser from goes to this homeschool group. They don't have an organized co-op, just getting together once a month for fun things. My kind of group! Anyway, here are some pictures of it.

Zachary playing the games (he really wore himself out).

Yes, Elyse can run (did you know that?).

Eating our self-packed dinner.

Elyse and her new found friend, Lanaya (sp)

The weather man said it would start raining at 3:00. The picnic started at 3:30. When we got there it was cloudy, but no rain as yet. The games began! After about three games, the drops of rain started. The kids played on, we "old" people went into the shelter. Then it downpoured. Most of the children came under the shelter - some didn't care. They were already wet, so why bother. They played on! Zachary was hungry (news, right?), but we didn't know what the plan was, so we made him wait. Finally, the lady in charge came over to us and asked us what we should do. We asked what the original plan was. She said we were going to eat around 5:30. it was 4:45. We said Zachary was hungry (which is a 24 hour thing) and she decided that we should eat. She wondered how to get everyone's attention. I told her Dad could get them to listen. She asked Dad if he would lead us in prayer. So, Dad got their attention, prayed and we ate our picnic lunches. Everyone brought dessert to share. YUM, YUM! There was everything you can imagine. Chocolate eclairs, cream puffs, donuts, homemade cookies, cupcakes, pumpkin pie, garden-fresh tomatoes (dessert for me) and brownies. We had several of them, plenty more than we needed.

The rain kept coming down, harder and harder. We decided to leave - we were not only wet, but freezing. It was great to meet new people - everyone was so friendly. Their church has 50 homeschool families in it. If it weren't 30 minutes away, we might try their church. We are sick of driving so far to church and we are looking for a local church to worship in.

Tonight is my first large group meeting with the Trinity Wives' Fellowship. There are three small groups that meet every Monday. Four times a year they all get together. Our group volunteered to set up and bring desserts. I have to be there at 5:45. The meeting runs from 7-9. Tim and the kids will be staying home.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Last year, we tried to get a fresh peach pie from Shipshewanna. They said to come back August 4th (which was two weeks away). This year, we decided to try again. Now they don't make peach pies anymore because they can't keep them fresh. We were very disappointed.

When we were at the pig roast, we bought about 20 MICHIGAN peaches from a fruit stand. I decided that I would make my own fresh peach pie. Isn't is gorgeous?

Not only is it good looking, but it was amazing eating it. Even the kids liked it (and they don't usually like pie).

I must confess though: Dad made the crust. He does a much better job at making it pretty. I would just slap it together (it tastes the same, no matter how it looks). My peaches are gone, or Dan & Emily would enjoy a piece this weekend. Maybe they will get a blueberry one!?!

Emily - if you want to pick up some more peaches, we could make one this weekend. If not, blueberry will have to do!