Friday, October 31, 2008


It took us awhile, but the downstairs is finally done and in working order. We now can have school in one room and all the books and papers are handy.

The beds aren't made yet, but they will be when you come for a visit. Why let the sheets get stale and dusty, when you aren't even coming?

I moved some of our extra furniture downstairs, since I sold most of the original stuff.

Betsey's room is quite empty (so is Erin's for that matter). The white thing at the end of Betsey's bunk beds is my four-drawer file cabinet. I didn't know where to put it in the family room. My intention was to have half the family room empty so that we could put all the toys down there. But, we ran out of room quickly. So, the toys are still in the kids rooms upstairs and it is quite the mess.

Emily & Erin's things are all gone. Only Betsey's is left. Like I said before, I put extra stuff in each bedroom trying to make room in the family room (I failed, it didn't work).

Notice the white desk. I bought it on craigslist for $20. From the front, it looks pretty good. But, there isn't a back on it. It is a homemade concoction. But, it serves the purpose for which I bought it. Also, Elyse was trying to hide, but she didn't do a very good job.

The bathroom has new linoleum and a new vanity (including the sink and faucet). I still have the same nasty shower curtain - I won't be changing that - we will just live with it. I am debating whether to put the rugs back on - they say the backing causing the linoleum to turn yellow. Not sure I want that to happen on our new stuff.

So, what do you think? Did we do o.k.? You should come see it in person before it gets too dirty. Now the upstairs looks awful. We will try cleaning the carpets and see if that improves things. Not too hopeful though.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


No pictures, wish I had taken some. I was so worried about getting to AWANA that I never thought of getting the camera out. Here's the story:

Tonight we were rushing through dinner so we could get to AWANA. Elyse had asked for seconds of spaghetti (Prince Spaghetti night). She was dishing up the pasta, while Zachary held the bowl of sauce. He kept mumbling something that none of us understood. He was just being silly. Elyse was taking for-ever! Zachary was getting anxious, plus who knows what he was saying. Then before you know it, the bowl of sauce jumped off the table and landed sideways on his arm and chest. He, of course, was already dressed in his AWANA uniform. We had 40 minutes to get it presentable for AWANA or he would lose points and AWANA bucks. So, we wiped up the sauce as best we could and then handwashed the shirt. I put it in the washer to rinse and spin, then took it out to dry. It was still stained. So, I put it in the washer on mini-cycle hoping it would get clean and have time to dry. When the cycle stopped, the stains were gone, and we had 10 minutes to dry it. We tried. It was pretty wet when we put it on a hanger and hoped it would dry on the way to church. We threw the shirt on the dash board hoping the defrost cycle would dry it completely. It didn't! I told Zachary to carry the shirt in and tell them he had it, just couldn't wear it because it was still wet. No! Zachary decided to wear the shirt - it would get sweaty anyway during game time (his solution). So, he went to AWANA with a wet shirt and never complained.

Like I always say: Kids, who needs them! I guess for a 'hoot' now and then.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It was a great night! Seven Liabenows, five Luke Rumleys, two Stauchs and four Tim Rumleys joined together to make one exciting night. The birthday party was shared by Ava & Logan. Both babies turned one. Logan's family are good friends of Luke's family. Logan's older sister, Tayler, is Grace's best friend. Dinner was served first, two kinds of pasta, salad, garlic bread and punch.

Everyone helped in the set-up. Emily made the punch. Several ladies made the pasta, garlic bread and the salad. It was scrumptious.

After eating, we watched Logan & Ava eat their special chocolate cakes. Logan cried - I guess he doesn't like chocolate OR getting his hands dirty. His momma had to wash his hands before he would continue. Ava, however, dug right in. First, she delicately ate the frosting. She has no fear of chocolate. Then she ate HUGE chunks of cake with frosting. That's Tayler looking on.

Such a serious face - don't mess with HER cake!

Then it was bathtime. The two children took baths in the church's kitchen sink (it was a double sink - how nice of them to build it just for the two children). Ava wanted to escape the bath water. She cried. We all thought that she was crying because she thought someone was going to throw the rest of her cake out. But, the moms cleaned up their babies and headed to the gift opening.

Ava's favorite present (FOOD!).


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


We started school this morning, then the doorbell rang. We weren't expecting anyone, so we were confused. When I opened the door, there were the carpet installers. I didn't even know the carpet was in the store, let alone be on the list for installation.

Four guys unloaded the linoleum and the carpet pad. Then three guys left. One guy stayed. He removed the toilet and the old linoleum under the toilet. Then he installed the linoleum. After that, he started nailing down the wood strips. Then he put the pad down.

Just about done with the padding and the other three guys returned with the carpet. They even put the toilet back in place and tested it for leaks. I think they finished the job in four hours. It feels amazing - especially the stairs. It is very plush. It reminds me of L & L's carpet - looks like grass.

The finished bathroom (before the toilet was reinstalled, of course).

The foyer by the front door (same tile as the bathroom downstairs).

The family room (carpet isn't installed, just cut to size).

When the guy was putting in the wood strips (nailing it into cement), Zachary tried to act like he was grinding his teeth. It was so funny. I have a video of it. If you can hear the video when you watch it, you will hear the grinding of the machine. We laughed till we cried over Zachary's antics.

When the guys left, Zachary couldn't resist jumping and rolling in the family room. He now wants to sleep down there. Of course, things will look much different when we get all the furniture back in there. He thinks he will have the whole family room floor to himself without toys, furniture and junk. Does anyone want to come help sort our junk and put back furniture in the rooms? The guys at FEBC offered to come help move our furniture back. They are a great help!

BTW, the carpet looks great against the living room carpet. Only problem, it makes the carpet on the stairs going up look awful dirty. Zachary says if we got the "leather" color carpet, it wouldn't make the upstairs look dirty. We ordered "muffin" color carpet. Any takers on carpet cleaning for us?