Sunday, August 29, 2010

#2 OF 7!!!!!

I finished puzzle #2. Or should I say, Zachary & I finished puzzle #2. Who knew that he liked to put puzzles together. AND, who knew that he would be so good at it. You can't tell from the picture, but there are three pieces missing. Can't complain, though, it was free! I like free, even if there are pieces missing. Another puzzle for the recycling bin.

Last night, we went to the Kickoff Picnic for the homeschool co-op we joined. There were 70 people there. The house we met in is huge. They have an in-ground pool with a diving board and a slide. Elyse got in the pool, but Zachary didn't. Zachary just sat in a chair. He didn't mingle at all. Elyse didn't mingle either, but she at least got in the pool. Dad & I met several people and had a fairly decent time. The co-op meets every other Friday. Zachary & Elyse are both taking Writing 101 and Conversational Spanish. We met the Spanish teacher. I look forward to learning right along with them.

The offer is still open for those who would like to help with the puzzles. Zachary and I would enjoy the help.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Freecycle has got me hooked. I got Elyse a HUGE box of yarn that she has been busy making who knows what for weeks. The next deal was a garden hose (actually two pieces). Now we can reach the driveway to wash the car (which Dad did as soon as we got it home). Then I found seven puzzles. The first one is finished, except it is missing a piece. After I show Zachary what we did tomorrow, I am throwing it away.

When I left the lady's house she handed me a Brita pitcher and asked if I could use that. Of course I could. VH has crappy water, so I took it.

Anyone want to come help put the next six puzzles together? You would be very welcome.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Dad & Zachary decided to go for a walk, while I packed up our stuff. Not only did I have to pack up the stuff, but you have to clean the cabin before you leave (otherwise, they charge you extra). After packing, eating breakfast and cleaning, we were still able to leave around 9:20 a.m.

The cabin had ants everywhere. It was truly gross. This morning, we took the cereal out of the refrigerator (put there the night before because ants were climbing on the box - I threw away the box, but put the inner bag in the fridge). After taking several bites of cereal, I notice an ant doing the backstroke in my bowl. I fished him out and kept eating. It was all the food we had. A little protein won't hurt anyone, right?

On their walk this morning, Zachary noticed this cool tree. He had to show me. We finished packing and on the way out we stopped at Zachary's special tree. The park had cut off several branches leaving nubs on the side of the trees. Zachary thought they were great ladders for climbing the tree.

Not to be outdone, Elyse gave it a try. Wish we discovered it sooner, it would have given them another activity to do.

The drive home was uneventful. We did take the time to stop at Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. If you want any amazing cheese, come on over.

It is great to have older children to help unpack. Zachary sorted all the dirty laundry, Elyse helped put things away and in 30 minutes, everything was done. The mail was delivered today, so I had all that to go through. Tomorrow, we will hit a grocery store, library, laundry galore, study for SS, and get ready for school on Monday. Oh boy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last full day of vacation, sad but good.

After breakfast, we headed to Colonel Jones house.

On the way out of the campground, we saw about six wild turkeys. That was amazing! Dad & I also saw them on our morning walk, but we didn't have the camera with us. We did, however, have it in the car. Who would have thought?

On to the Jones house. Of course, it was closed. We could only look through the windows and walk around the yard. It would have been neat to go inside.

Following a country road, we went up and down some steep hills while going 55 mph. The southern version of a roller coaster. Fun!

We decided to go back to Santa Claus, Indiana, to see the two stores we hadn't wasted time to see before. The first store was the Santa Claus Christmas Store. It was filled with every decoration you could imagine to put on your tree, decorate your house, or light up the world. They even had a fully decorated and lighted upside down Christmas tree that spun on its stand. That is even a little too radical for me.

In the back of the store they had fudge and cookies. We had our $8 treat (isn't Dad a softy on vacation?).

Outside, they have several statues of Santa Claus. Yours truly!

If you wanted your Christmas cards canceled by the "Santa Claus Post Office" it would have this special sign on your letter. Maybe next year...

As you four older children know, I wrap small gifts for the kids each vacation. One of the gifts for Elyse was pipe cleaners. She immediately made glasses for me and her. I will only show you her displaying her artistic talent.

I forgot to mention playing miniature golf yesterday. Elyse got several holes with only two swings. Dad & Zachary each got a hole in one. It was a very nice golf course. Lots of water that eats your ball, but it was fun anyway. Betsey, in the middle of the game, Elyse got a bloody nose. Doesn't that bring back memories for you?

After golf, we headed to Sonic. We all had a treat in honor of Dan's wisdom teeth getting taken out. We prayed for you, Dan-O, hope you are feeling better!

Tomorrow we head back to VH. If I can talk Dad into it, we will be stopping at Fair Oaks Dairy Farm for some cheese. That will thrill Zachary and I to death.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Pets aren't allowed in our cabin, so we got rid of the one that lodged there.

BTW, there are several of his friends that have continued to visit us on a nightly basis. Last night, they were talking about us. It went on for about 15 minutes. I should have woke Tim up because he didn't believe me that they were yapping in the kitchen. Today, the ants joined them. They are in the cereal boxes, but not in the bag of cereal. I threw the boxes away and put the cereal bags in the refrigerator.

Yesterday we drove the "Ohio Scenic Drive" which wasn't very scenic. Along the way we saw "Lincoln Ferry Park" which is where Lincoln ferried people to the middle of the Ohio River to their boats. The pavilion was full of ducks, here they are:

We continued our journey to the "Lincoln Pioneer Village" where there were 14 buildings that looked like the ones Lincoln lived in and visited. Elyse decided to sing a solo in the church.

When we get back, we are going to start school. Should we rearrange our school room to look like this?

The funeral building had a hearse in it. It was a bit dilapidated, but it still looked cool. Dad noticed that the springs on the hearse were leaf springs. Zachary seemed interested in knowing that.

Here is a cool bridge that we drove over:

Today, Wednesday, we decided to take a bike ride, hike and visit the nature center. These next pictures might jog your memory to my first four children. Remember this ditch, Erin?

Here is the view that we would have seen outside our camper 15 years ago.

We are standing on holy ground, campsite #91. Does that ring a bell?

Do you four older children remember this bike ride? Make sure you turn up the sound, it will make it more real!

On to our hike. This is a well that Lincoln used to get a drink from. It was full of spider webs, but the thought that he was once here was exciting.

We ended our morning at the Nature Center. It was very small, but interesting. Elyse loves dress up, she is churning butter now.

Nature Centers always have a window you can look out and see the birds. There weren't any birds this morning, but it was a great view of the lake.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Loaded and leaving Saturday a.m. around 9:20. We arrived in Lincoln State Park, near Santa Claus, Indiana, around 4:30. After unpacking, we headed to the grocery store. A 30 oz. jar of mayo cost $6.50. I about died that I forgot to pack that from home. Meat was about the same price as VH, but everything else was really expensive. This is a nice place to visit, but would never afford to live here.

What do the kids do in a "rustic" cabin all day - this is it!!!!!

In case you can't tell, that is game cube and DVD's going at the same time. This is their bedroom. It has a small dresser, closet and two sets of bunk beds. They both sleep on the top bunk and use the bottom bunks for play time.

I should mention that the "rustic" cabin has central air conditioning. When we walked in, it was set at 68 and was FREEZING!

Sunday we went to Heritage Baptist Church. Several people welcomed us. It was a pretty good church to attend.

Monday, we decided that since it was going to be cooler, we would head to the Lincoln Bicentennial Memorial, the Lincoln Amphitheater and check out Santa Claus, Indiana.

Zachary is standing at 1821 because that is how tall Abe Lincoln would have been at 12 years old. Elyse is standing at 1819, because that is how tall Abe was at ten years old.

Notice that I am as tall as Lincoln would have been at 13 years old and Dad is as tall as Lincoln at 14 years old. Puts things in perspective, wouldn't you say?

If we were filthy rich, we would have signed up to see a play at this amphitheater. Not only are we not rich, but the last showing was August 7, we didn't get here until the 14th. Bummer. BUT, here I am finally listed as a senior citizen and I would have gotten a fairly good discount. I am taking the picture from the top, the kids are at the bottom, I was trying to give you a hint of how high the seats were. Did I succeed?

Next was Lincoln's Boyhood Home (or at least where they think it was and looked like). This is the foundation of one of the Lincoln's cabins. We wondered if the kids would complain about our small townhouse in VH after seeing this because Lincoln lived here with six other people.

Here is the site where the "think" Nancy Hanks Lincoln was buried.

We tried to go to several places today but school has started down here already. Therefore, most of the attractions are closed except on the weekends. Wish we knew that before we came down. I guess we came down one week too late.

One of the treats we were planning on getting was "frozen hot chocolate." Won't be able to get it unless we stay a few days longer and get it this weekend. I wonder if it is worth it?

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Base Camp starts on Sunday evening and ends on Thursday with a cookout. We missed Sunday because we didn't have transportation. Zachary & Elyse went from Monday night to Thursday night. Tonight is the cookout. Every room in the church was decorated in fish or water scenes. This is the sanctuary. BTW, the lessons were on the book of Jonah (thus the whale's mouth opened on the stage). There were bubbles everywhere!

Elyse's room had pink paper bowls upside down with ribbons coming out of the centers - looks like jelly fish to me!

On Wednesday night, Emily & I went to Qdoba for dinner while the kids were at Base Camp. Thank you, Emily, for a fun evening.

Thursday we met up with Lacey, Emma, Grace, Caleb, Ava and Jaden at Millennium Park. They have a beach, park and splash area for the kids to play. It was a nice sunny day. Emma is Lacey's "nanny" for the week. It is her ministry for Base Camp since Luke & Lacey are the planners of Base Camp and are very busy this week.

Here is Emma racing Caleb along the shore. Caleb won!!!!!

A VERY sandy Jaden sat on his momma - now they both had to take a swim to get rid of the sand.

Jaden isn't afraid of the sand or the water. That is both good and bad. We had to keep a close watch on him. He tends to wander off.

This is the view I had of Zachary all day at the beech. He was very busy digging a river with his sidekick, Jaden.

We will leave GH Friday after breakfast. We have been having a great time at Camp and seeing family.