Sunday, November 30, 2008


It was a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend. We all (15 of us) met at Emily & Dan's house. Even Erin & Tobin drove up from Pensacola, FL. It was great to all be together. Wednesday night we had 8 people staying the night. Thursday, we had 15 people staying the night. Friday, we had 6 and Saturday, we had 6 staying the night.

The kids enjoyed watching DVD's. "Curious George" was a big hit!

Zachary spent most of his time playing computer games. Erin & Tobin got him a new Game Box game - which he played for about three hours since we got home today.

Emily fixed Elyse's hair on Thursday. Elyse loves her hair curled and styled. Something I don't know how to do or want to learn.

Here is proof that each "family" attended. The older four children exchanged gifts because we won't all be together this Christmas. This year is the Rumley Thanksgiving. Next year will be the Rumley Christmas. Erin & Tobin won't be here for Christmas, so they brought the gifts they bought for Zachary, Elyse, Grace, Caleb & Ava.

Betsey and Micah were there - we caught Micah with his eyes closed, sorry.

Erin & Tobin opening their gifts. Betsey & Micah got Tobin a book about the "Baton Death March." Tobin did a march like it. How thoughtful of them!

Emily & Dan opened their gifts. Dan got tools, Emily got small kitchen gadgets that she needed badly.

Luke & Lacey got magazine subscriptions. Lacey's is full of recipes (the same one Emily & I had a subscription for awhile ago).

The girls (Lacey, Emily, Erin & Betsey) got up at 4:00 a.m. on Friday to shop on "Black Friday." They are definitely crazy! But, they woke me up, and I couldn't go back to sleep. So, I got up and got ready for the day. Grace visited me WAY to early and we watched the sun come up. It was nice snuggling with her.

Luke's family, Erin & Tobin and Betsey & Micah all left on Friday. Tim & I stayed until Sunday. We went to church with Dan & Emily. After lunch, we packed up the car and headed for home - hoping to beat the snow to Portage. There wasn't any snow in Portage, but SW Michigan got plenty that we drove through. There were cars off the road all over in South Haven, Michigan. Tim couldn't believe it, it didn't seem slippery at all.

The kids behaved nicely. They had such a great time together. The adults played Erin's game, Yahtzee (a new kind). It was alot more thinking than I wanted to tackle, so I just watched.

It was a great time. I am super tired, but have to start fresh tomorrow. Thankfully, the Bible study is over and I will have Tuesdays off. Back to the grind tomorrow.

We took a family picture, but you will have to wait until Erin posts that one - it was her camera we used. Have a great week everyone - we are planning on it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The birthday girl! She had it all planned. The chair had a sign on it that read "Seat for Birthday Girl." She planned her outfit and her hairstyle. She MUST be related to Emily.

When we left church, we told the kids we had a surprise for them. When we got home, we let Elyse in the house first. She went upstairs to the kitchen - no surprise there. Dad had already been to our bedroom, and there was no surprise there. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was for Elyse. Elyse told whoever was on the phone that she was looking for her surprise. So, the person on the phone told her to look on the front porch. When Elyse opened the door, there was Betsey talking to Elyse on her cell phone. Elyse and Zachary were so surprised and excited. What a birthday gift (I know the rest of you couldn't make it and we completely understand, we will see the rest of you on Thursday).

After the shock wore off, we headed to the dinner table. For dinner we had Bulgogi, Apple Juice, Eggnog, Smoothies and Fried Ice Cream. Sounds like a fat overload to me. We also sent brownies to Sunday School because her birthday actually fell on a Sunday. So, she definitely had more sugar today than in her entire lifetime.

Then it was gift opening time. We gave her the "Bridge to Terabithia" DVD and the playdoh machine that makes ice cream cones (just like we gave Grace for her birthday).

Here is Zachary and Elyse making ice cream cones. Betsey helped some too.

Betsey decided that Elyse was now old enough to take care of a nice doll. So, she gave Elyse her Magic Attic Club doll name Megan. Elyse was thrilled. Poor Megan has had her hair brushed several times and her clothes changed at least twice. She will never look the same (the doll that is).

We put the candle on her fried ice cream. She blew out the candle in one swoop.

The rest of us enjoying our ice cream (Betsey was the photographer).

Proof that Betsey was here. Dad was showing her a funny video on his laptop. Betsey had several to show us as well. It was good to see her - it has been a long time since she was home. She is the first of our children to see our new carpet downstairs. Come on kids, keep up!

We enjoyed our day completely. Can't wait until Thursday when we will all be together and eating alot more than we need or want. Such good times! Loveyoubye!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are into puzzles these days. This one took two days to finish. Zachary helped with a few pieces, the rest I did it myself.

Tomorrow is Elyse's birthday. Since it fell on a Sunday, we are taking brownies to her Sunday School class. She will help me make them this afternoon.

We can hardly wait until Thanksgiving. All 15 of us will be together plus one dog. Fun times!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The last few days were spent doing puzzles. I found out that Zachary is very good at putting in the pieces. Elyse did a few pieces, but she would rather read a book.

The first puzzle we tried was a 100 piece puzzle. I did that one all by myself (took about 10 minutes).

The second one was 550 pieces. Zachary helped a little with that one. We had the puzzle done except one piece. We couldn't find it. So, Tim & I got down on our hands and knees and looked on the floor. Did you know that a puzzle piece print side down, looks the same as our carpet? Anyway, Tim found the piece. The kids had already gone to bed. So, Tim went to get Zachary. He opened his bedroom door and said, "Get out here!" Like he was angry about something. When Zachary got to the living room, Dad handed him the last piece and let him put it in.

The third puzzle was 700 pieces. Zachary really got into it. Elyse put in a few pieces, but Zachary is your main man when it comes to puzzles.

We are going to put the table away today, but next time we are going to try a 1000 piece puzzle. Who knew that Zachary would like doing puzzles and that he would be so good at it?

Some of you need to update your blogs. What have you been doing to entertain yourselves?

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I told you our tree was gorgeous this year. Especially with the sun shining on it.

Last year's tree...

This year's tree...

Which year do you like better?