Monday, May 21, 2007


Pretending we are dinosaur babies.

Just after Zachary tried this out, Eric flipped him over.

Isn't she cute? Such innocence.

Even at the zoo, on the carousel, we talk on the cell phone.

Sweet 16 and never been kissed - NOT!

Drooling over the fact that I won't pay for a pony ride.

Proof that I was there (with friends in the background).

Trying to compare the size of the peacock in the tree to a human.

Spencer as a "joey."

He was really strutting his stuff - gorgeous!

Three cuties on a turtle.

All our children were in the doghouse.

Zachary at the motel pool. He had such a good time.

The rest of the gang in the pool.

Friday was the zoo, Saturday was the home school convention. I purchased a whole mess of used books for next school year. Plus I ordered the new ones I needed as well. Spent lots of money, saved lots of money and had a blast.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


My favorite artist! Zachary stayed at Art class an extra two
hours to paint this picture. It is an oil painting that takes two
weeks to dry.

This is a fuzzy picture of it, but you can see it better.

Today we had a tremendous storm. Trees were knocked down, streets were blocked and the electricity was off until around 8:00 p.m. That meant I missed the FINAL Gilmore Girls program. BUT, good news - it is repeated on Sunday night. No worries!

Tonight was Culver's night for PCS. We thought no one would be there because there wasn't any electricity in our area. BUT, Culver's had plenty of electricity. So, we went there for dinner. Everyone and their brother was there because no one could cook at home. So, PCS made a hauling (we get a percentage of EVERYTHING bought that evening from 4-8, whether they are connected with PCS or not). YEAH, Culvers! After ordering (in which the lines were really long), we waited an hour for our food. When they finally brought it to us, we got dessert free for having to wait so long. The free dessert was nice, but that means PCS didn't make any money off our desserts. But, we won't argue with that minor detail.

Have a super week! Heading to Ft. Wayne this weekend! YEAH!

Monday, May 14, 2007

MOTHER'S DAY 2007!!!!!

My creative photographer! This is the inside of a drinking
glass with ice in it.

Smile, you're on candid camera!

A bit fuzzy, but isn't that the way we curly people look?

The two "old" people at the party. Dad is hooking up my
"cell phone" on my purse (it is actually a clip-on watch).

Cracker Barrel was amazing (except my chicken was air and completely tasteless). It was fun seeing Erin AND her tatoo. Since Elyse spent the weekend at Rose, they had to bring their own gift. They brought "stolen" flowers, courtesy of Rose.

When we got home, we hit Wendy's for their frosties (Zachary's favorite).

Both married kids called and wished me a "Happy Mother's Day." Both sent cards: one funny and one very serious (thanks kids). I am tired from driving all weekend. This coming weekend will be the same as we head to Ft. Wayne Zoo and the Homeschool Convention.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


For those children away from home, I thought you would
like to see what you bought me for Mother's Day. Thanks
so much, gang, they are gorgemous!

"And the rest of the story..." comes tomorrow!

L & L - your card came today, thanks so much. Lacey, you always say the darnest things. Thanks so much for loving me.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Emperor Palpatine and Padme's handmaiden (thanks to Jori).

The Emperor is kind of scary!


Victory at last!

PCS's Fun Fair is this Friday. I will try to post pictures later. Saturday, we head halfway to Rose to have Elyse stay with Erin over night. Sunday, is Mother's Day and we will spend it with Erin in Lafayette (seems we did that before). At least this time, I won't let her use my camera.

Things are hectic - but what's new.

Enjoy Mother's Day this weekend!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Our little girl got her hair cut today. We were tired of the messies and
the tangles. So, we will take opinions any time now.

Side view!

Other side view!

Back: it has one layer in it.

Zachary bought this light saber with his own money. He and the Mahlers sure
love playing with them. "In a galaxy far, far away." This is Anakin Skywalker's
light saber from Episode 3. But you already knew that (I didn't).

I didn't get my hair cut today because we ran out of time. It will happen in two weeks (not sure I can wait that long, but I will have to). Terry cut his hours back and that means it takes longer to get an appointment.