Saturday, August 23, 2008


Emily & I went to Southfield, MI, for Jeanette's shower. It was amazing! Jeanette got alot of great things. Master Burrell will be the best equipped baby in world. The food was simply delicious. The cake - to die for.

While we were at the shower - Dad was in charge at home. He got alot of work accomplished, plus he watched the kids. For lunch, Elyse asked for her sandwich to be cut on a diagonal. So, this is what she got from Mr. Dad, the cook.

Not to be outdone - Zachary got a "Z" cut in his sandwich.

Such a creative Daddy - must be from hanging out with 250 students all day.

Emily and I had a great time yapping for four hours in the car. I even made it home safely for the last two hours of the drive. I listened to "Silas Marner" on the way there and on the way back. It is a good story, if you ever want to borrow it. It is really similar to "Les Miserables."

So, cast your vote - should Dad's watch their kids unsupervised or not?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

IT'S A NEW YEAR...!!!!!

Our school has started - two days down. The first few weeks are always hard getting back into the school routine. We think we are organized and then we start school and find out we aren't. Fun times!

This year Zachary is taking gym at PCS two days a week. Today they did calisthenics. Zachary said his favorite part was suicides (Luke & Erin, you don't agree do you?).

Elyse is taking music at PCS two days a week. She learned the "ABC's" of the piano and singing low and high notes (picking out anyone they wanted to - must have been noise instead of music).

Anyway, that means that I have to be home three afternoons a week, so the kids can be at PCS for their classes. Bummer! There goes our homeschool freedom.

The first day of school was a little hard. We buckled right down, adjusted a few attitudes, and finished in three hours. Today was much better. No need to adjust attitudes (Dad had a talking with them last night). We only took two and a half hours today - much better. Tomorrow we have our first field trip, but will finish school when we get back.

Saturday, we head to Southfield, Michigan, for Jeanette's baby shower. Sunday, Tim preaches at a neighborhood church, while Zachary, Elyse & I attend FEBC.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, maybe next time.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Saturday, we helped Emily & Dan move into their new amazing house. These pictures are actually after we finished, but you get the point. The kids were great! They played in the boxes and made doors in them. They called them caskets (whoever started that, we don't know). They had a blast.

The new owner taking a break! Soon he will have his "man cave."

The family - aren't we gorgeous! We are missing Tobin & Erin, but their hearts were with us (I think).

Betsey leaves for student teaching tomorrow. She has lots of packing to do. Plus, we need a run to WalMart before she leaves.

Not much of a post, but at least it is something new!