Friday, May 29, 2015


The "grands" come over almost every Thursday for piano lessons.  I try to have a snack for them, brownies, cookies, or something new.  Yesterday, I tried something new.  I doubted it would work, but it was worth a try.  Even if it didn't work, it would taste good!

Blow up ten (10) balloons (thanks, Elyse)

Melt a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave.

Line pans with parchment paper.

Put a spoonful of melted chocolate on the paper, dip balloon in chocolate and press into paper.

This is a pretty good one...

Most were a "pinterest fail."

However, I told you they would taste good.  These are "supposed" to be chocolate bowls.  We still used them and put ice cream and toppings in the bowls.  I didn't hear one complaint about the looks of them, they tasted GREAT!

I wonder if I will find another "pinterest fail" next week, time will tell!

Monday, May 25, 2015

MEMORIAL DAY 2015!!!!!

The day started at 4:00 a.m. (not by choice, BTW).  I made deviled eggs, peanut butter dessert, and a fruit salad, plus two bags of chips.  We headed to Luke's apartment early because he had to catch a flight out to California at 2:00. 

What happens when you take fancy hair down that is filled with hair spray...scary!

Guess who took us there and back?

Zachary entertained us with his wonderful music!

After Luke left for the airport, Lacey took the kids to the swimming pool.  They even have a hot tub which Zachary enjoyed.  It was a nice day - thanks L & L!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Zachary did the offertory today in church.  He and Chatham arranged the song that he played.  The congregation went wild.  In the middle of the song, the lady behind me said, "Is he playing that all by himself?"  The lady next to me asked, "Is there a CD recording playing with him?"  Zachary got many compliments afterwards.  He really did a good job!  Enjoy!

Don't forget the wedding pictures on the previous post.


Yesterday was the wedding of Charles and Allison Rumley.  It was 82* - a beautiful, sunny day for a wedding.  It was held at a local park with a gazebo in front of a lake.  GORGEOUS!

Naomi's Mom and Step-Dad...

Charles and Naomi...(gorgeous dress made by Jennifer, Naomi's sister)

Uncle Steve and Aunt Nancy...

Charles & his Dad, Scott...



One of the flower girls was on crutches...
The bride arriving in a vintage car...

The flower girl was so precious...

The beautiful bride and her Mom...

Isn't that cute of Mom & Dad?

For future reference, how to cover bleachers in a gym!

It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding.  The invitations said a "light dinner" would follow the wedding ceremony.  It was a HUGE spread.  We all wondered what a "heavy dinner" would be like in their eyes.  Lillian and Elizabeth had made cake balls that were amazing.  There was also about 15 other desserts to choose from, not to forget the wedding cake as well.  It was good to see so many relatives that we haven't seen in awhile.  I guess we will see them again in July!

Elyse drove the hour and a half home.  She did a great job! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


 The latest mug shot for the church wall of attendees:  We even match (sort of).

Just in case you need something for your dart boards.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


The day started out with Sprinkles.  Not talking about the rain, but special donuts from a new shop opened up by us. 

When I walked into church this morning, the Pastor's wife said, "Stand right there, don't move, I have a gift for you."  I figured it was a flower for Mothers' Day.  Nope!  It was notes and pictures from my kids and grandkids.  How fun!  You will have to come over and read them.  They were GREAT!

The youth at our church were in charge of the morning service.  We had a guitar, violin, saxophone, drums and piano, plus several singers.  It was amaZing.

The youth group (most of them anyway)

More talent...

Who knew?

After church, we went to Bagger Dave's.  I had a coupon for free fries.  It was very good - and spicey!  Burned our whistles.  Even Zachary said it was hot - so you know it was very hot!

Luke, Lacey, Grace, Caleb, Ava, Jaden and Baby "C" came to visit this afternoon.  They brought me a lovely card and CHOCOLATE!  What could be better.  Here is Elyse doing what she does best.  They also brought ice cream - yummy!

We ended the evening with Biggby Coffee.  We again had coupons.  We got FOUR drinks for $2.22.  Not a bad deal, huh?

What a glorious day!  Thanks to all who had a part in it.  Let's do it again tomorrow!

Monday, May 04, 2015


Breakfast was made for "champions."  We made homemade Cherry Danish - yummy!

We all went to watch Caleb and Jaden play their baseball games.

Caleb's perfect form!

Between games, we took the kids to the Ada's Covered Bridge.  The kids did several races and walked down to the water.

Ava in first place!

Tied for second:  Grace and Elyse with Caleb not far behind!

Thought you would enjoy seeing Caleb at bat!

After the games, we headed to Jersey Junction (and so did several other teams - water polo team, baseball teams and soccer teams).  We got in fast though - surprised us all!

Some of us got a little sunburn - it was 75*.  A great day with the grands!