Saturday, March 22, 2008


We cleaned our room today. When we moved the chair, it rattled. We pulled back the cloth on the bottom and found nothing. It turned out that we could push the springs down and the other person could reach up into the arm of the chair. Here is what we found:

Friday, March 21, 2008


Betsey had four wisdom teeth taken out today. Now she has no more wisdom. Does this picture make her look like the laughing gas did any good. She was a real trooper - just like Caleb!

She says she feels fine, we will see if she says that in 12 hours when the meds wear off. She asks the same two questions every time she wakes up: "How much did it cost?" and "Do I need to take my medicine?" Dad is getting the prescriptions filled now, so she hasn't even had any medicine yet.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


OK, so who's excited? Elyse could hardly contain herself all week. Practices were two hours each night (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). The performance was on Friday night at halftime.

It was a night of silly games. First game was the Pep Club. Girls against the boys. The boys were winning, so the girls put everyone from their club on the court (it was about 20 girls to 5 boys). The girls still lost.

Next was a Powderpuff game (Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders against the Varsity Cheerleaders). The Jr. Varsity were losing. So, they put up their flyer under the basket and she dunked it. The crowd went wild. Since the cheerleaders were on the court - the guys decided to be the cheerleaders (uniforms and all). Here is their halftime routine.

Now for the good part - Cheerleading Camp 2008. They are lined up to enter the court (Elyse is in the back).

Smile girls! Ready, set, go!

Elyse's favorite cheer was "If you want to win tonight, you have to cheer with all your might." I must have heard that one 50,000 times.

Elyse was a base along with her friend Alexis. They didn't even drop her (remember those days, Emily?).

A proud moment for Dad - cheering his little girl on!

The last game of the evening was the Varsity boys against Alumni/Staff. So, Dad had to play. A few days previous to the games, Dad hurt his back carrying a foos-ball game (sp). He also was trying very hard to get a cold. But, he decided to play anyway (since the advertisement for the night told everyone to come watch Mr. Rumley play).

Did you know he can actually run?

The plan was to start the game and then sit down on the bench for the rest of the game. But, Dad went in a second time. Jared Heavner decided to charge into Dad, knocking him on his tailbone, slamming his head into the floor and getting a floor burn on his arm. That was the end of the game for Dad. He is still hurting today!

BTW, the "mystery guest" was Worthington Waters. He was the Athletic Director at PCS last year. He moved to Florida to teach. He flew back on Thursday night, just to be our referee. It was so good to see him. He was an amazing asset to PCS. We miss him!

Betsey is leaving today. It was fun having her here for five days. Back to routine tomorrow.

Hope you all remembered Daylight Savings Time. It was hard getting up at 4:30. Hope you did better than I did!