Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It is hot today (85 but feels like 92). We decided to go on a short field trip to Ft. Sheridan. They have lots of trails (which it is too hot to do), but they have a giant red hawk's nest. I have been wanting to do it for over a year now. Today, seemed like the day.

We drove to Ft. Sheridan (11 miles) and started walking on the trail. The trail we took is about 3/10 of a mile. It isn't very long, but since it was so hot, it was long enough.

The bird nest is huge. I would say about 100 feet across with two layers deep. The top is just walking area with lookouts. The inner circle has three eggs in it. We climbed on the eggs.

Even I took a turn:

The top layer of the nest had lookout machines to look over the ravine. You know the machines - they usually take a quarter and you can adjust the view. These, however, were free. So, we took a look. Zachary is looking out the kiddie one:

The adult-sized one was in the back of a red hawk's head - you end up looking out his nostrils, thrilling, huh?

That trip took about five minutes (the drive took about 20 minutes each way). The kids are done - let's head home.

Now I can say we did it and we won't have to go back anymore. Except if we want to walk the trails some day - probably not!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Elyse manned the camera while Dad & I watched the game. Zachary pitched (dirty pants from sliding into the base).

Proof that Elyse was there too!

Zachary's team won 11-3. We played Mundelein (the town west of us).

Dad & I went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for our 32nd anniversary. The kids stayed home (alone!). This fountain is in front of "The Riviera." We were going to get a picture under the sign to prove we were on the Riviera, but by the time we thought of it, it was too far to walk back.

Lake Geneva is a lot like Nashville, Indiana. All kinds of shops to visit. It is on a much bigger scale though. Most of the stores closed at 5:00, but we weren't there for shopping. We walked for quite awhile, looking for a restaurant to eat dinner. Tim picked it out. The restaurant turned out to be an expensive hamburger joint. Over priced, and only so-so on taste. Dad had a BBQ chicken sandwich, I had a teriyaki chicken sandwich. They gave us enough fries to sink a battleship. It must have been two potatoes worth.

The infamous restaurant:

FATHER'S DAY: We decided this year that we would just have a nice dinner and the kids would make cards for Father's Day and Mother's Day.

Zachary getting his thank-you hug:

Elyse getting hers:

Today in SS, we started a new program for the summer. It is called Pecha Kucha. It is 20 power point pictures that stay on the screen for 20 seconds while the teacher explains each one. We are studying Proverbs throughout the summer. After the 20 pictures, we discuss questions about the subject. Today's subject was friendship. Dad & I sat at a table with three other people. All three people I had never seen before. Dad knew the one lady, but I didn't. She only goes to our church during the summer, because she lives in Florida during the winter. The other couple had only been at our church once, so I didn't feel bad that I had never seen them before. It is an interesting way to teach a lesson, not sure I like it though.

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers reading this message!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


We finished school on the 2nd of June. We were bound and determined to celebrate finishing another year of school, but also finishing our first AND LAST year of co-op. We kept putting it off because of school, baseball and other conflicts. Finally, TODAY was the day to celebrate.

Our local bowling alley allows kids to bowl two free games every day throughout the summer. We only have to pay to rent the shoes (if we owned our own shoes, we wouldn't have to pay anything). Today, we went bowling.

Zachary's bowling form:

Elyse's bowling form:

The first games' scores:

Proof that this is such an interesting game to watch:

The second games' scores:

You can tell by the scores of the second game that they were tired. This is also the same day that Zachary pitched two of the three innings of this morning's game. Dad & I think that one time this summer we might play one game with the kids. Neither of us are very good, so it ought to be a pretty funny game.

Hope you read my first update for today as well. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Last night, we hosted 55 Trinity students at the hill for a cookout. Tim did the planning, we both shopped for the meat, buns, condiments, drinks and ice. Everyone else brought something to share. It was a great time meeting the students and their families. Elyse made a new friend. We were all exhausted when we got home.

Zachary had a baseball game this morning at 8:30. He played very well. It was a s-l-o-w game. In two hours we only finished three innings. That's how slow it was. Zachary was awesome. He can tell you better what happened. From my view - he was GREAT!

Here are the pictures I took (yes, I remembered the camera finally). These are all from the third inning (I forgot I had the camera before that).

Off and running...

Stealing third...

He made it to third...

Leading off, hoping to steal home...

Made it to first...

Elyse sitting in the shade of the gazebo - it was 88 degrees, but felt like 93 (according to She has the pink hat on sitting in a lawn chair.

He scores!

The game was long and hot - I guess Zachary was bored at third...

Tonight we are taking the kids bowling - we have free passes for two games each. I won't bowl, but I just might remember the camera and take a few pictures - don't hold your breath.