Friday, March 30, 2007


One of the gorgeous days we went to a park in Valpo. This thing
works like a teeter-totter. I actually got on it with a sixth grader
(we weigh about the same). It was fun!

Here is Elyse climbing up the ladder.

Here is the finished dining room wall. Notice I rearranged
the furniture. I like it!

The kitchen looks so clean. The counters were uncluttered
in the process of putting things back in order.

Next we went to a local motel - courteous of the Davis family.
Elyse is standing under the fountain. It also sprayed out of the
insides of the pool. The water was only 12" deep.

In the middle of the kiddie pool, was a giant frog. You climbed
up his backside and slid down his tongue. Kind of gross, but fun
for the kids.

Zachary's turn under the fountain. He didn't actually like it,
Elyse did though.

Elyse has an unusual way of sliding down the slide.

We thought we would give Zachary a reverse mohawk. Do you like it?
Do you think it will be acceptable? We will show you tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Caleb's first birthday party. Looking forward to seeing the Liabenow family (especially Dave after his accident). We have prayed for him every day (sometimes several times a day). He is a walking miracle.

Er & Boo will be missed tomorrow. We will eat enough cake for you though. Don't you worry!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I forgot one of the pictures, so here it is. Zachary is taking Art
at PCS. They had to copy a picture of a president, he chose George
Washington. Then they had to make a clay bust of their president.
Here is Zachary's rendition of George Washington. Isn't it amazing?
They were displayed in the Octagon during Open House. They were
all very good. Mrs. Boltze is amazing!

Handmade by Elyse just for my Bible study members!

Deanna working hard (don't mention her name to ANYONE!).

Tina doing her thing - shhhh!

Daddy even got in the action.

Lunch was had UNDER the table in the living room - the tent!
There was only one spill of chili - carpet cleaning here we come!

What do you think of the color? This is the wall in the dining

This is the living room wall (behind the big couch).

Such good friends we have - thanks guys!

Erin is home for the night. Happy Birthday to Jaymi!

Friday, March 16, 2007


The funeral was awesome. Betsey was there. Several IMBC'ers too. Paul Goldsmith flew up the night before. There were four speakers (Pastor Manago, Portage High Guidance Counselor, Dan Elwood and Dad). They were great! It was a sad day. So young. It was the longest funeral service I have attended, but it was VERY good. The last song they played was Stephen Curtis Chapmans' "With Hope." You can read the lyrics at this site:
At the end, Rachel's friends from school passed the casket. They couldn't control their tears, it was heart breaking to watch. Dad did the graveside service. It was short and sweet. We didn't go to the luncheon afterwards, Dad had to get back to work and I was paying a sitter (thanks Melita - the kids love you!).

We are heading to GR tonight! Can't wait.

Good news: At Curves this morning, the ladies were talking about their kids finally reaching 13 & 16 and how that was so hard on them. I said that my third grandchild would be here in September. They couldn't believe I would be old enough for a grandchild, let alone three. I told them that my son would be 26 in April. They thought I was lying. I surely didn't look old enough. What words to bless my heart!

See you Michigan people tonight and tomorrow. Exciting times! Yeah for Lacey and Caleb - good job!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Erin is mad - I don't update enough. Here it is:

A precious soul will be buried tomorrow. A special smile. A beautiful face. A cute laugh. A cough continually. A disease that isn't fair. So young, 19. It is sad.

On a happier note: Dad is getting some homework done. We are making plans for spring break. Z & E are excited to have a babysitter tomorrow (go Melita).

Life is short!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


First of all, it is 40 degrees outside. The kids decided that they needed
to make LIQUID MUD BRICKS. We have been reading about Moses and
the Israelites not getting any more straw to make bricks - I guess water
would work - NOT!

Notice that Elyse's pants are pushed up to avoid getting wet. Notice
too, that they are already soaked. The water is coming out of the sump
pump hose, that is connected to a downspout hose, catching it in the
bird seed bucket.

They finally noticed that I was taking their picture. Now you don't
have to worry about why I am crazy. They did it to me!

Zachary figured out that if he runs in circles in the living room, 60 times, he runs about 1/4 of a mile. So, if he runs 240 times, he runs a mile. Asked how he knows, he says, "You take 5,280 feet divided by 22 because that is how big the living room circle is and you get 240 laps." I should have been able to figure that out, how can he?

Dad thinks the kids were cloned - surely they aren't related to him!

Not to be outdone - our other child is home as well. So, these college kids always want home cooked meals when they visit our abode. Today, however, isn't a home cooked day. This is Betsey's menu for today: Breakfast - Sue's Bakery's donuts, Lunch - Sue's Bakery's coffee cake and vegetables, Dinner - Ice cream from Cold Stone. I am sure these children are clones, not my blood relations.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Opening my birthday gifts (pj's, slippers and socks).

Erin opening her Christmas present from Gma Laga at
my birthday party at Ruby Tuesdays in Lafayette.

Not a good picture, but this is Tobin (Erin's boyfriend).

Me at Ruby Tuesdays (I am listening so intently to what,
I don't know).

Dad in the same conversation. Zach-man is the cameraman.

Micah - Betsey's boyfriend.

Zachary FINALLY got his birthday present to work on Erin's
computer. It won't work on ours.

Elyse making sure he doesn't make a mistake.

Elyse is so excited about her AWANA store night purchase.

Going outside - in the snow - to fly our kite. It was great wind
weather - but a bit cold.

It flies!

Tobin & Erin helping Zachary & Elyse fly Elyse's kite.

Three of my girls getting ready to fly a kite.

Two very cold girls - but it was fun! Emily, you can't tell very
well, but Erin french braided Elyse's hair.

Now they are on the sledding hill (off the freeway).

Tobin bought Z & E a present.

Tobin teaching Elyse how to fly her whirlygig thing.

The weekend was a blast! We went to Chicago (didn't have the camera then, or we would have taken lots more pictures). We went to the Science & Industry Museum and the Omnimax. After that we had linner (between lunch and dinner) at Giordanno's (sp). It was so good!

Saturday, Erin & Betsey introduced Tobin to Line Dancing in Lowell. They had a great time.

Sunday, Erin & Tobin took Zachary back to Rose with them. He stayed the night and we have to pick him up tonight. We will meet Erin halfway.

Now that the camera is fixed, I won't be putting so many pictures on this blog at once. I can put a little up at a time. Did we tell you that the camera was fixed for free because it was under warranty? YEAH!!!!!

Have a super day everyone!