Monday, September 10, 2012


Tim's suit needed a cleaning - bad!  Tim took it to the cleaners and wanted it back on Friday because we were heading to a wedding on Saturday.  At 9:00 P.M. on Friday evening, we remembered we didn't pick up the suit.  The cleaners opened at 8:00 A.M. on Saturdays (we were planning on leaving VH by7:00 A.M.).  Tim went to the cleaners, and the sign on the door said they would open at 8:30 A.M.  Bummer!  We waited until 8:30 and the manager arrived at 8:35.  We were a little stressed thinking we wouldn't make the drive to GR and get to the wedding on time. 
Two bored kids ready for a road trip...
We arrived at the Pig Roast in plenty of time!  It was a cold, windy day.  Emily had a hard time keeping the food covered because of it.  Maybe the next Pig Roast will be at their new house!

Tim's suit is still in the bag and the park only had porta-potties - he didn't want to change in there.  So, we headed to Biggby's for a cup of Joe.  Tim went straight to the restroom to change, while I ordered my drink.  When he came out, he ordered his drink.  While he was pouring his coffee, I asked if he wanted me to hold the pants he just took off.  He said, "Yes!"  So, I took them.  Which promptly made him spill his coffee on his clean suit pants and his shoes.  He only has them on for about two minutes.  On to the wedding we went - coffee smelling and all.

The wedding was held at the Henry Ford Museum.  It was amazing!
Checking to see if we had the flash off!  Yep, we did!

Charleen & David at the altar with her parents.

Jeannette on the right - the Matron of Honor.

Using white and purple sand to symbol them blending into one family.

Mr. & Mrs. David Fronczak!
The hot couple !

Uncle Jon & Aunt Nona - amazing cars all around.

Scott & Naomi joining us.
Charleen just before the dinner.

David just before the dinner.

L to R:  Nona, Jon, Dad, me, Steve, Nancy, Jane & Tom.

Gorgeous decor!

Beautiful centerpieces!

Some tables had taller center pieces.

Our place settings.

A bit blurry, but this is 12-year old Bethany Long (Rob & Gingers daughter).  She is 7 months older than Elyse!
Another blurry one:  Lucas (Jeannette's son) and Charlotte (Rob's daughter)

We need a new photographer!  Just showing you Jeannette!

Mr. & Mrs. David Fronczak!

The groom's cake (Charleen flies for FedEx, David is their mechanic)

They cut the cake first thing:  I like their thinking, dessert before the meal!

Making the rounds!

Happy bride!

The wedding ceremony was outside.  There was just enough breeze to keep us cool, but not enough to freeze us.  It was perfect weather.  The reception was amazing!  They had a photo booth to make their scrapbook.  Everyone got four pictures to keep and four went in Char's scrapbook.  It was a cute idea.  If you want embarrassing pictures of us, you'll have to come see them.  The food was amazing!  After the food, they had dancing and would be serving PIZZA around 10:30.  We decided to head to Luke's house.  Two and a half hours later, we arrived at Luke's house.  We talked to Luke & Lacey for awhile and then headed to bed. 

Sunday morning, we fed six children and one Gpa while Luke & Lacey headed to church for worship practice.  We took the kids to church, dropped them off, switched cars and headed to First of Portage because Tim was preaching in the morning service AND the evening service. 

We spent the afternoon at Miss Sunderman's house.  She served us stuffed manicotti, salad, garlic bread and dessert (yogurt w/fruit and chocolate covered strawberries).  After lunch, Dad went to study somewhere, while Karen & I flapped.  I learned a lot about PCS and their troubles.  I learned some news as well (will have to tell you in person - not for public knowledge, ha!).

After evening church, the kids were starving!  We headed to Culver's to get them a snack.  We ran into Dick & Carol Davis there - that was a real treat!  On the way out, we ran into Erika Veatch.  That was icing on the cake.

It was 10:30 before we arrived in VH.  We were totally exhausted.  This morning has been a rough start.  This afternoon I start babysitting a four-month old boy named Jeremiah.  I will have him four days this week and next week.  I hope he is a good baby and not a screamer like the last one.  Anything to get a few extra dollars in our pockets.

Monday, September 03, 2012


Zachary's friend, Matteo, asked him if he would run a 5K with him.  They both would train separately and meet on race day.  Zachary ran, biked or did the stepper almost every day to be prepared on race day.  The day finally came:  Matteo on the left, Chatham (support figure) on the right:

Zachary finding out that Matteo did NO pre-training...

Boys having fun!

Serious spectators...

Let's stretch!

Another spectator...

He looks mad, I don't think he was...

What Elyse does when she is in charge of the camera...

Game plan?

She got a kick out of the guy trying to push over the tree...

Thousands showed up to run...

Since Matteo didn't train, Zachary had to walk most of the race.  Zachary decided that since Matteo invited him, he should stick with him.  We don't know exactly how fast Zachary could have gone, but they walked most of the way and made it in 38 minutes.   Matteo was all sweaty, Zachary didn't eve break a sweat - he wasn't even warm.  Here is the finish line:

 I offered to time Zachary on a 3.12 mile run around the lake.  I'll let you know what he really can do timewise.

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Actually, we didn't ride the train.  We did, however, go to Milwaukee.  That is, the Milwaukee Zoo.  "Old" people got in free, we only had to pay for the kids.
Walking to the entrance...

The girls taking a ride in the canoe.

Is it a man or a woman - we couldn't tell.
They were outside and it was 94 degrees.

Would have loved to do this obstacle course, but it cost $11 and another $15 for the zipline.

These bones, these bones gonna walk around.

Pretty girl!

Right after this photo, he jumped on the glass and scared us silly.
This guy was so old, he looked like he way dying right in front of us.


Aren't these beauties?


Smart guy to stay in the water...

Cute babies...

Exhausted Tapir.

Crazy humps.

It was amazing to watch her fold up and lie down.

I called this one "Elyse."  He was always snuggling with his momma.

Walking and walking...

Emma's turn to carry the backpack...

Guess who was in charge of the camera?

Guess how tall he was?

"The hills are alive...with the sound of...

Plant life turned into animals.

Look at me!


Cool hippos!

The sign said "Turtles" but we couldn't find them - only the camera woman saw them.

Eating our picnic lunch.

Resting - it was HOT!

Silly girls!

What's the difference between a red head and a blond?


The closest she could get to the real thing.

Emma wants to buy this - it cost $80.

Cooling off in the air conditioning.

This guy acted like he was afraid to get in the water.

Seals are fun to watch!

The plants said, "Milwaukee County Zoo."  So cool!

Mr. Moose!

Mama bear trying to coax her baby to come out of the hole.

Baby was having too much fun in the hole.

He almost got the girls!

Hitting Biggby's on the way home.

Emma's idea of what Elyse looks like.

We talked too long at Biggby's, the girls used the time to draw all over themselves.

It was a fun day!  Tim picked Zachary up from school while we were on our road trip.  Zachary spent three days in Wisconsin at the senior high retreat.  He had a great time!  No pictures though, sorry.