Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since there wasn't any therapy yesterday, I created my own therapy. I finished the first of five puzzles in one day. When Betsey, Zachary & Elyse see it finished, I will start another one. Here is the finished product:

This is an "April Fools" puzzle. Things are either backwards or out of place. It wasn't the easiest puzzle to put together, but I did it! Any takers to help with the next one?

Therapy is from 2-5 today, so I may not get puzzle #2 out. Maybe tomorrow?

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas has come and gone, but we are just getting to blogging. We are busy with school, out-patient therapies, shopping, shoveling snow, Tim studying, Dan studying, work, friends, thank you notes, and family.

One of our celebrations was Erin's 24th birthday. She was anxious to start opening presents, she could hardly wait. Just before opening her first gift, Zachary caught her on camera.

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to give new pjs to all our children and grandchildren. Micah graciously agreed to model his. Remember, we were supposed to be in Florida for Christmas, so I got the boys matching athletic shorts. Being in Michigan, the guys wore them over their jeans.

It is great to see the young ones learning the piano. Here Jaden (almost 7 months old) is playing us a Christmas tune!

What is Christmas without children? Here are four of our favorite children - aren't they GRAND!

We continue to watch Emily improve by the hour. She helped with breakfast this morning. She is a walking miracle. Thank you, Lord! Thank you to all who prayed for her as well. Your prayers were answered and are being answered every day. Thanks so much.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Emily will be discharged on Tuesday, December 22. Just in time for Christmas! She was amazing today in therapy! She is getting stronger every day.

Thanks for the prayers on her behalf. God is faithful. He has never failed us yet.