Monday, April 30, 2012


I clicked "like" on a facebook page for a "Teacher Appreciation Kit."  They never said you couldn't be a homeschool teacher.  After waiting months, I WON!!!!!  This is the kit I received:  10 coffee packets, six boxes of International Delight flavorings, a craft box with 10 packs of crayons, thank you notes, stickers, coffee measuring spoon and tons of coupons for coffee and flavorings.  Here is a picture of our winnings.

The other part of the contest was if you won (like me) your name was entered into a drawing to get a classroom makeover in your school.  That drawing was on the 27th, I didn't win that one (phew!).  What would I do with a classroom makeover?

Tomorrow Dad and I head to Be-Fridgy.  Today on Dad's fb, he found this quote:

"Remember also that it is always safe to obey my voice, even if it seems to call you to paths which look impossible or even crazy."  from "The Shepherd in Hinds Feet on High Places."

I think that quote fits Be-Fridgy, don't you?

Have a great day!  I know we are - coffee will be ready soon!