Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Most schools have started classes already, but we begin today!  Zachary looks sharp in his freshly ironed uniform (white HOPE shirt, navy tie, navy pants, black socks and black dress shoes).  His shoes don't fit, but we didn't make it to the store before today.  I guess we will be shopping tonight!

Elyse, however, changed her mind of getting her "first day of school" pictures in her pajamas.  But, she IS barefoot.  At least she showered all the train dirt off - her hair is still wet!

I didn't take a picture of Dad or me on our first day of school.  But, you get the point!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Today is our last day in Minot.  Our train SUPPOSEDLY leaves tonight at 9:45.  We'll see if it is on time.

After church, we went to Erin's work picnic at a park next to the zoo.  Her work paid for everyone to get into the zoo.  Ask me if it is 95*!  The following are pictures taken at the zoo by Elyse! 

You are supposed to pay 25c for the merry-go-round, but it never stopped working, so it was free!

See how hot little "B's" face is?

It was fun to watch Bristol.  She knows the names of most of the animals.  Her favorite is the "llama, llama's."

While Bristol is napping we are just chilling!  We are too hot and tired to do anything else.  What a way to end an amazing week!

On the train to Minot, Elyse's plan was to make a slouchy beanie hat for Erin.  The yarn she got, she didn't like.  Plus we left it on the train (accidentally, of course).  When we got here, we headed to JoAnn's to try another yarn.  The yarn we bought was horrible to work with - it had fuzzies coming off - it was a mess.  Elyse undid the knitting, wound up the yarn and we took it back.  I didn't think they would take it back - but they did.  So, Elyse stayed up half the night to finish knitting the hat so we could leave it with Erin before we left tonight on the train.  Here is the results:

I think Erin likes it!  Do you?