Saturday, June 30, 2007


This is our cabin. It is a two story. The upstairs has two twin beds, closet and space for the kids to play. Downstairs is a queen bed, dining room table with four chairs, a 3/4 bathroom, closet and small storage space. There is a microwave, small refrigerator and a grill out on the deck (which includes a picnic table with two benches and two rocking chairs). It is quite adequate. I didn't think it would be, but I am learning. Yes, even at this OLD age, I am learning new tricks. I can cook french toast on a grill, brown hamburger for spaghetti and even cook noodles in the microwave (thanks, Lacey). It is a real challenge, but I am meeting it well.

I can't seem to type below the pictures, so you will have to figure this out yourself. The kids are climbing the mountain that we can see out our front door. The dirt they climb on is RED, and very hard to get out of clothes and bodies. As you can see Elyse cleaning her legs and feet off in the bathroom sink. Did I mention that I don't have a kitchen? We wash hands, feet, teeth AND dishes in the bathroom sink - YUCK! The health department would frown on us.

The next picture is the upstairs of the cabin. The kids love watching DVD's on the floor. Yes it is hardwood, but they don't seem to mind. In fact, the whole cabin is made from the land around it. The foundation is made from the rocks found on the land, and the whole cabin is hardwoods from the trees in the area. It is amazing!

The picture with Zachary holding his buns was taken in Chattanooga. There are brick "things" all over the town. Last year we sent you one of them on a giant couch. This one was very hot, thus the holding of the buns.

We went to the Chattanooga Zoo one day - much like Michigand City Zoo. It took 55 minutes to cover everything and that included reading ALL the signs. It was great though. I saw enough, learned some things and wasn't too tired to do something in the afternoon. We took our lunch, but didn't need it because we weren't there long enough to eat it. It costs $12 - should have been $3, but we paid it and enjoyed our day anyway. The egret was standing in the middle of the walkway and we walked by him, could have touched him but didn't, and he just stood there following us all the way out of the display. Elyse, however, was climbing up me - if you know her, you understand what I mean.

The last three pictures are in the zoo as well. We went to the petting zoo. I drug Elyse by the hand into the zoo, she wasn't too pleased. When we got to the barn, where animals were in cages, I turned to say something to Zachary. He was no where to be found. At first I panicked, then I looked around. OUTSIDE of the petting zoo was Zachary standing because he was too scared to enter. What a joke! Elyse was with me and not afraid, what the heck. Anyway, I yelled for him, he came in and enjoyed seeing the animals in spite of being scared.

Today we are riding the Incline Railroad. Pictures will follow later. At the top of the mountain, we will go to the Battlefield of Chattanooga. Last year I took the kids and they were very moved by the display. In fact, it brought a tear to Zachary's eyes. He is so compassionate - just like his brother.

Speaking of his brother, please pray for Grace. I understand she broke her leg yesterday. Please pray and please update us if you know anything about it.

Love you all and miss you lots! I am sure you will be sorry to hear from us only once a week - we will have so much information and pictures for you to read and look at. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Yep, it's true! Boy, I love that movie! Someone buy it for me - with my card.

Gathered, packed and stuffed in the car! Yep! Generous friends helping us out!

Take care of my "Boo." Scared stiff is what I would call it!

Watch for infrequent updates and emails. We will really be out in the sticks.

"See you, in September..." Actually, August, but whose counting!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Anniversary #28!

Just updating you on our "hot" date. First we went to Red Robin for dinner. Ate far too much, but so good! After dinner we headed to the Memorial Opera House for the musical "Music Man." We were early, so we walked around town. We saw McKayla Huber and her Dad sitting on a bench eating ice cream (actually, McKayla was mostly wearing hers). Then the next corner, Paul & Jane Erspamer from FEBC drove by and yelled at us out their car window (acting like teenagers, the nerve).

So, the play was amazing! Before we went, we found out that Josh Frigo was going to be in the play. Not only him, but his brother, Micah. While reading the program, we noticed that Gail Morris's son, Luke, was also in the play. You will never guess who else. Mrs. Vicki Cash played Marian's mother. She was very good. The little boy (10 years old) that played Winthrop did an excellent job. His lisp was so authentic and he actually had red hair. It was his first performance (hopefully, not his last).

The play lasted two and a half hours (so long for us old people). The guy behind us smelled badly of liquor (almost made us drunk too). The guy next to me insisted on "getting a puff." He made us smell like cigarettes (yuck).

We had "tag-team" babysitters. We started the evening with Betsey watching the kids and feeding them dinner. Then she picked up Kari to watch them because she had to work at the Gap. Betsey got home before us, so she visited with Kari.

All in all, it was a good night.

Tim wants to know if we will make another 28 years. I highly doubt it, but who knows! Do you think we will?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


A real cutie with his new splash ball from Mom and Dad.

"I picked flowers for my Mom." Sorry, Lacey, they won't last until tomorrow, but isn't it the thought that counts?

Tomorrow we head back to GR. It will seem awful quiet around Portage after that!

Monday, June 04, 2007


"Papa" is getting all the hugs he needs. Caleb loves him! You should see
Caleb light up when Grandpa comes home from work.

Grace loves the shopping cart. Our floors will never be the same.

Never without a hat and a stroller - don't want to get your bald head burned
(even if we are inside).

Betsey plays bubbles with the kids. Caleb is in the front, you can hardly see him.
He loves to swat at the bubbles and laugh and laugh.

One tired little boy - we were a little late on naps that day.

"Kissing cousins" (actually Aunt and niece). They had "kiss goss" on (lip gloss).

The three guilty parties with the "kiss goss."


One beautiful little girl! A smile for Mom and Dad who are away
for the week!

I hope the pictures show us having fun - because we are! They are a great joy to these old people. Fun times!