Friday, December 28, 2007


The REAL Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent at Gma Laga's house. We had the traditional feast. Attendees: Gma Laga, Tim, Sue, Erin, Zachary, Elyse, Dan, Emily, Larry, Ruth, Melanie, Michelle, Kevin, Kenny, Bruce, Cindy, Dean & Emma - 18 in all.

Elyse is eating a yogurt parfait after our Christmas Eve dinner.

Zachary being himself. What a silly boy!

Here is Gma's present from us. An "Edible Arrangement." It was dark chocolate covered strawberries. The center of the arrangement was a head of lettuce. So, you could eat everything but the container.

This is the infamous kitchen crew. Amazing food!

The boys had several hand-held computer games. Kept them hopping most of the day.

The six children under 13 years of age, got a stuffed animal that sings. It was a funny hit! Zachary & Elyse left theirs on the coffee table - maybe we will get them back at the wedding.

Ava's dedication is the 6th. See you all there!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This was the year for the Rumley Christmas - all the children were here (6 of mine, 3 grandchildren, 2 children-in-laws, one significant other, plus Tim and I - 14 in all). But, we had to have Christmas early, because Dan-O had to work on Christmas Eve. Grace was helping Ava (2 months old) open her presents. I don't think Ava minded the help.

Christmas Eve gifts are always new pajamas (some of them get boxers).

I am pretty sure Dan-O liked his new scarf (he lost the one we got him a few years ago).

The hit of Christmas was Caleb's drum set. I am not sure who liked it better, Caleb or his father. After Caleb played the drums for over two hours, his father got a major headache. I think the set is going in the basement when they get home. When I was at the store buying the drum set, the cashier asked me if this was payback time. Perceptive!

Zachary loved getting new games for his game cube.

Caleb and Grace helped Erin open her birthday present. It was an empty box. Erin was confused.

Here is her birthday gift - it was too big to actually wrap. I think she likes it!

We had a great time together as a family. Lots of food, lots of snacks, lots of presents, lots of love, and lots of drums! Fun times!

On Monday, we go to Grandma Laga's house and celebrate Christmas with the Laga side. Wait til you see what we got Grandma - you will love it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Each year, Carol Davis hosts the PCS Christmas party. It was alot of fun and got alot of laughs. Here is the set of twins. Aren't they gorgeous?

A certain young man enjoying himself.

Mr. Smarty-pants won the prize. A very cuddly blanket (which Elyse has adopted as her own).

Mrs. R. examining the prize. Very soft indeed.

Miss O. and Mrs. R. playing a three handed duet. We loved it, even if no one else did.

All in all - it was a great time of laughs, food and fellowship.

Today we are enjoying SNOW! Unheard of for this area - but we are expecting 9-12 inches. What do they know?